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    Questions on Nook for PC


      I am using Nook for PC to download my books from BN and use it as a backup.


      IF a book "disappears" from BN servers... will it still stay in my Nook for PC folder (the one labeled with my email address where they download all books to) if I have it set to download all new purchases?  Even once Nook for PC syncs with the updated BN servers?


      Or do I need to move the books out of there to another backup folder to keep them?


      I do generally create a second backup of that folder.. but am trying to figure out the best way to maintain it...


      If I just move my entire folder (email address) to a backup file - does that contain everything I ever downloaded at any time from Nook for PC - or just what is still on BN servers?


      I don't want my new backups to replace old ones, if files might be missing... but I also haven't found a good way to only move new downloads into my backup file...


      For now, I have been making one backup on a day, and calling it backup for 4-16 (for example)... then after I get more books.. and download more... create another whole backup and name it 4-26, for example... but if a file was removed on 4/20... would it still be in that folder on 4/26, after syncing?  OR would I need to go back to the 4/16 backup to get it? and how do I know what is removed or what is new between the 2 backups?  Basically, what is the best way to keep everything?


      I haven't started with Calibre yet - although I am planning to once I can take some time to figure it out.  So is that just a better option all around... and use that to backup everything in one place at one time?  Then make a backup of my calibre library?  Thus using Nook for PC to only download BN books so I can get them into Calibre and not worrying so much about backing that particular folder up?


      Sorry if this got a little wordy or confusing... just trying to figure out how to best approach this all to keep all my ebooks backed up and in one place...


      Right now, they're mostly from BN... although I do have a few from other sources, as well.





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          Here's what I do - 


          I keep a separate file with all my backups.  I sort it by file date with the newest on top, so that I can easily see the most recent book downloaded and what date I downloaded it on. Then I go to the Nook for PC file folder and sort that on file date also.  Then I copy over all of the new books that I've downloaded since the last time I copied books to my backup folder.  That way I know that my backup folder has everything I've ever downloaded.