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    Bejeweled 2 and wifi access

      I love Bejeweled. Lovely game.


      I installed it on my Nook Color, then turned my wifi off and went to play it.


      When I open it, I get a pop-up message saying "Unable to purchase: Please enable Wi-Fi and connect to an access point to continue."


      When I clear that off, there's another, saying "Error! Unable to authorize for use on your Android device."


      When I turn wifi on and connect to my house's internet, it works fine.


      I know the charge went through ok. There is more than enough $ in my account for a little three dollar game.


      I've tried archiving/unarchiving, and that did nothing.


      I went to look at the reviews, and some people have been emphatically swearing wifi isn't needed. So I ask you people saying that: How did you fix it?


      Having wifi on constantly does such horrible things to my battery life. :smileysad: I usually have access to wifi when I feel like playing (home/work/cell phone hot spot), but still, that's wasteful.



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          Agree with you 100%.  Went through the same problem yesterday.  I think they should have told us wi-fi connection was needed in order to play.  Total waste of my money.

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              It seems more likely to be a bug than a deliberate thing. We all agree it's stupid to require wifi, amd some people apparently have gotten it to work wihout it.
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                  I was able to play it last night, after initial load, as I was still connected to wifi, waiting on the update to push down. Didn't get the update, and was very disappointed when I tried to show a coworker how Bejeweled looks and got nothing but error messages. Hopefully someone is contacting popcap & the porting company to fix this.

                  I can't recommend that anyone buy it without this fix. All the games are power drains to start with, but having to keep wifi on, playing one game last night, used 8 percent of the power. Game lasted 10 minutes or less.