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      Is there a possibility of a 3g upgrade for the current Nookcolor , or would a Nookcolor 2 have to come to the market?

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          That would require a data plan to be worth anything to anyone, and few people are going to want to pay for one.  I'm guessing that any data plan offered by B&N through AT&T or another provider would be more expensive than one offered through a communications company or Apple because of the much lower volume.


          Also, offering 3G to only download books and shop on the B&N store wouldn't work.  The NC is too easy to root and then people would be using huge amounts of data not covered by B&N's own data contract.


          No, I don't see it happening (of course I've been wrong before).

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            No carrier in their minds would ever contract for 3G/4G for a device that is this hackable. Even if it were not the case, since the NC has a real Internet connection and now has the capability to use more than 100 apps B&N won't subsidize it as it would be too expensive.

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              The kindle offers free 3g.  I don't think a plan would be nessesary seeing as the Kindle offers it for free.

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                nookclrlvr wrote:

                The kindle offers free 3g.  I don't think a plan would be nessesary seeing as the Kindle offers it for free.

                The Kindle doesn't offer it for "free". The 3G version is $50 more than the add free WiFi version. Plus, the Kindle doesn't have apps or a color full version browser. The only reason it has 3G is because it's a very low data use device. The NC was not, and really is not now that there are 100+ apps.

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                  I can't imagine not having 3G on my Nook.  I'd love a NC but I don't want to give up the 3G( or 4G now as it is the most up to date).  I would like them to offer the option as I'm not always where there is wi-fi available.

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                    So in summary, no, not unless some carrier was interested in offering a discounted NC-3G on a two year contract.


                    And since the Nool Color is now positioned to be the budget discount brand in competition with the Kindle Fire, a next generation Nook Color is more likely to be about lower cost and lighter weight, and new abilities would be in the Nook Tablet line. Bit confusing, though, since they've named the Nook Tablet by flash storage capacity ... would it be a NT16G-4G or a NT4G-16G?


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                      I think free 3G/4G for purchases only is a good idea like on the first generation b/w eink model.. At least have the feature for the simple touch.