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        drekim wrote:

        SOLUTION!!! For some reason the nook color will connect and acually is pretty fast if you change your router setting to up to 54 mbps. This makes no sence to me because of the (up to) it should work (up to) 300 mbps. I hope they come with an update or something for this.

        I reckon we'll wait to see if this works for the OP. :smileyhappy:


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          As the NOOKcolor is a non-computer and non-phone device, you may need to change some settings on your internet managed routers.


          1. Make sure your DCHP SSL is ENABLED


          2. Make sure your Block Anonymous Requests is DISABLED


          3. Make sure your Pass Phrase Security is OPEN and not Shared


          This will not effect your internet or router security settings, it just allows for your router to recognize there is an alternate device attempting to connect to it.


          I hope this helps!

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            Just for the record. Am using a Netgear WNR3500L and using 'up to 300' rather than '56' and it works well. If you're using a Nook cover with a heavy clamp on the left bezel in the center, try taking the cover off, as the clamp on mine interfered with stable connections. I no longer have disconnects, with the cover off. It also prevented me from making input in some input boxes. I do use WEP encryption since I have 4 other devices set up and didn't want to change their passwords or anything else. It worked fine. I do recommend running the setup wizard at http://www.routerlogin.net for smoothest quick functioning though, if you use that router.
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              I was also frustrated because I was unable to connect my B&N NOOKcolor to my wireless router (Netgear RangeMax), though my other wireless devices connect just fine.  I spoke with B&N Support; they were very nice but were unable to help.  Fortunately, I read the postings here and changed my router settings from WPA-PSK[TKIP] to WPA2-PSK [AES].  My Nookcolor now connects to the internet and I can use it to buy and download books.  A huge relief, as I really like this eReader!

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                Read all replies security settings differ from Netgear Rangemax.  Any other solutions.   About to return unit as nothing comes up on the web browser since upgrade to 1.0.1

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                  BanjoBen wrote:

                  I'm having similar issues with flakey wifi access on my Nook Color.  My home wifi network has a Netgear WNR2000 wireless router.  The Nook claims to connect, and will often work fine for a little while, but then loses connection to the internet (though it remains connected to the network).  Other devices continue to work, so clearly there is access. 


                  So far, I've tried updating the router's firmware and disabling some of the security featers but the problem remains. 

                  I have the same issue and the same router.  I had no problems connecting until after the recent software update.


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                    I have WPA2-PSK [AES] and connection is dropped constantly or says connected no internet.  I may try WEP and see if that fixes it but then have to switch all of my other devices.

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                      I finally fixed mine.  I am on Netgear Rangemax N & G router.  I had to go into the router and go to Advanced - Wireless Settings.  I then selected Setup Access List for WIreless Card Access List and added the mac address for the nook.  I am now connected.  The only problem was I had to register the nook first on my neighbor's wireless router before I could continue the registration.

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                        @keriliny, sounds like your router has MAC filtering enabled (or equivalently, it's configured to only accept connections from specific MAC addresses).

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                          Netgear WNR2000. Just changed the basic wireless settings to:


                          WIRELESS NETWORK MODE: UP TO 54K

                          SECURITY: WPA2-PSK (AES)


                          seems to be ok for now. we'll see how stable it is.


                          B&N tech and customer service is useless.

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                            The WiFi connectivity in the NC is not from B&N, but from Android. This is known to have some problems. Remember that most Android devices are cell phones that all have 3G, so the WiFi connectivity is secondary. I suspect this will get better over time.


                            However, lots of routers also have "interesting" implementations too. It is not in the least remarkable that even though a particular router can connect perfectly with devices x, y, z , and w, it doesn't even see devices j, k, and l, and is unreliable or requires special settings with b, c, and d.


                            Unfortunately that is just the "state of the art" with WiFi circa 2011. If you have NO WiFi problems, consider yourself lucky.

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                              Having the same issue myself....the folks at tech support are worthless.....I've been lucky that the people at the Barnes and Noble store in Camp Hill...know what they are doing...

                              Went crazy thinking this was something wrong on my end.

                              Even paid for a technician to come into my home.


                              Pretty bad.


                              Looking for the answer to this.

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                                Some routers are flat known not to work with the NC. 


                                If you go to page 1 of the WEP thread, you'll see how strangely the earlier software worked with WEP.  Tech support was stumped, fixes that worked for some users failed for other users, the whole thing was super inconsistent. 


                                Consensus is that release 1.1 of the BN software is more reliable at connecting to access points than the newest 1.2 release at this point (May 2011.)

                                If you've tried everything else, you can reinitialize your NC, install 1.1, and lock it from further updates by rooting it.

                                Before you go there, be sure you have to.

                                Let's start with known incompatible or borderline compatible access points for software 1.2.

                                If you have one of these, roll back and root. That is the only fix for least three consumer routers: DLink DL-624, Westell 327W and Belkin F5D8231-4. There is an unreleased fix for the Belkin, no info on the Dlink or Westell.

                                Each of these three worked fine with Nook software release 1.1. Go install it.

                                If you have a different router, it's worth trying to fix the problem. 

                                First, try the obvious: hold the power button on your NC in > 15 seconds. Ignore the "do you want to shut down?" dialog. Your NC will power down. Power back on. This process resets some components, and some folks find it helpful. I include it here, but I realize you probably already tried it. More than once.

                                Another obvious one: are you sure you're entering and sending the wireless password correctly?

                                Test the password by making a new connection to the AP from a computer or other device in the house. Then, forget your connection on the Nook Color and set it up fresh. Untick the "hide my password" button in the password settings, so you can see what you are typing. Check that your Nook Color and your router agree on both the password and encryption setting (WPA, WEP, WPA2, etc.) you are using.

                                Now to some of the less-obvious:

                                1) Take a look in Settings.... Wireless... If your nook color remembers more than 10 wireless networks (these are not just the networks displayed, but those with stored passwords - they are displayed as "remembered") go in and forget a few of the ones you use least often.

                                The nook color can only store 10 networks' login data, or so I have read. So select and forget a few of the ones that say "remembered" but are out of range. Now try connecting to your AP again.


                                2) find out what router or access point model you have, and what software it is running. If an update is available from the manufacture, install it and see if your NC can connect after you reboot both devices.


                                3) Once your router is up-to-date, try this, making each of these changes together:

                                - tell your router to run in G only or G/N if you'd immediately kill services you need by disabling N.

                                - Disable MAC filtering

                                - Disable WEP and WPA

                                - Put speed in "auto" and channel in "auto" rather than manually setting either

                                - Broadcast your SSID

                                - Try setting your lease time to a very long interval - 1 week if possible

                                If you make those changes you may well be able to connect. Then you can start walking the changes back one at a time.

                                On the N band setting, you may not be able to "lock" the router at its highest speed or anything close to it under 1.2. You may not be able to use N at all (some Cisco access points in N just don't work with NCs running N, but do work with NCs running G.)

                                Most folks are ultimately able to hide SSID, use WPA-2 and MAC filtering all without problems.

                                There is some very interesting juju happening with WEP. Some WEP connections won't work; if your router only supports WEP, be aware that at one time BN was advising customers that WEP was not supported. To connect to Nook Colors, some WEP-only routers need to be in "open" WEP key mode, some need to be in "shared" WEP key mode, and the Nook Color cannot connect to some.

                                If your router only supports WEP, as a network guy, I would recommend you replace it and get a router with WPA-2.

                                Frankly, you might as well run your router without a password until your replacement arrives. Use a different method to secure it (MAC address filtering, all by itself, is far more effective than WEP, and simply not broadcasting your SSID is probably as effective as WEP.)

                                If you still can't connect, you can look into doing a full clean install of 1.2 (if you really like it), and if that fails, install 1.1 and then root.

                                Some people are able to get connectivity after a full format and reinstall of 1.2 Some are not.

                                If you are unable to connect your 1.2 to your access point after
                                - updating your AP software
                                - doing a clean install of 1.2
                                - turning off the bells and whistles on your router,

                                please let BN know that you followed this guide and could not establish a connection. Please also give them the model # of your router or access point.

                                BN doesn't have a copy of every AP in the universe and right now I think it makes sense to help them identify problem models. APs are commodity hardware. Most run one of a relatively few Linux kernels and a relatively few wireless and ethernet chipsets. The more problem routers BN knows to test, the sooner they'll find a pattern.

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                                  How do you switch to wep encription?

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                                    How do you change the router setting?

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