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    Apps Not Downloading? Here are a few Quick Fixes

      I've been noticing some app reviews (for all games) are saying the app isn't downloading to the Nook Color. I've gotten a few emails about this problem from a few people, but not everyone has contacted me. These following quick fixes usually do the trick for 99.9% of everyone - 


      1. Make sure your Nook Color has the latest firmware version (1.2). If it isn't, you won't be able to download and install apps.


      2. Turn off your Nook Color completely. Hold the power button until the screen asks you if you are sure you want to totally shut down. Wait 10 seconds and power it back up. Go try the download again.


      3. If you purchased the app from a computer, you'll need to plug your Nook Color in and sync it. 


      Those three things should make a problematic app download work! If you have any other tips you have found, be sure to add them!

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          Good guide, Ryan!


          We did have few emails about the same issue.


          Also, a hard reboot may be needed in few cases. To perform a hard reboot, hold power button and the "n" button together for 10 seconds, wait until the device powers down. Turn on the device. This hard reboot flashes all the caches.



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            Since I've downloaded version 1.4.1, I'm now having this exact same problem. I've done everything requested that is possible. I've tried downloading 4-5 apps and 4 out of 5 have the same problem. I can download books fine.

            Please advise.


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                Just thought I would update everyone on my status with the NC.. The update seems to have killed it. lol Thats all I can think of. I have spent 4 hours in the store with a lady who while she ment well clearly didnt know any thing at all about the NC.  So she called the help line.  Who had us de register and reset the device (again for 5000th time) and it downloaded one thing and then went right back to the problem.


                I have been able to down load books just fine, I even got it to download minesweeper. I JUST (1/12/12) tried to download NETFLIX!!!! on 3 different full signal wifi's and guess what... Epic Fail. As you can see from the pictures below. It just hangs on "installing" or !!! if im lucky it might say "Download" in which case you click it and THEN!!! it returns to "installing" lol it amazes me that there is no downgrade or error log that we can provide to see what is the problem.



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                I am having this problem now, I have never had a problem downloading apps but yesterday I tried to install 2 new ones, Dropbox and Fliqnotes. Both will download but will not install. I tried re-starting the nook and even doing the hardboot as described below. Is this a server issue or is something wrong with my nook?  I am running software version 1.4.3

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                  I noticed awhile back that a few games that were "FREE" I choose to download to my NOOKcolor for my grandson. They never would download, but wasn't too upset since they were free.


                  Then I did an "UPDATE CHECK" on my NOOK and it asked if I wanted to download the update for SOLITAIRE which I use all the time and one of my books, (oddly enough). For some reason after the "UPDATE" they go through the downloading process, and say they are installing and then when it gets through the installation process, it comes up saying DOWNLOAD again!!


                  I've tried the powering down, with and without the "N". I've even left it powered down all night, but no luck. I am pretty frustrated and afraid to buy anything else as I may not be able to use it! grrrr


                  I've been in love with my NOOKcolor for over a year now, and told everyone on the street that it's the best thing since surgar..But my frustration is mounting and I really need some assistance on this, please.



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                      I have the same problem. I got this for my daughter and she has been using it for over a year. This problem started last month. I thought it was just with a few and now realized *all* apps (not books so far) have the same issue. Please post any work around that may have worked for you.
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                          I have noticed the same problem.  It started with the last Angry Birds update.  I had the same issue with Pulse and with Abstract Gadgets.  I was able to get them to download by archiving/unarchiving the specific apps, but I lost all my progress on Angry Birds and my Pulse settings as well.  I have been avoiding the Angry Birds Seasons upgrade for fear of losing all progress like I did with Angry Birds.  Like a previous poster, I do I do not have the time or inclination to take on archiving everything on my nook and de-registering/re-registering my Nook specially if it is not a guaranteed fix.  Does anyone out there have a permanent solution to this issue?


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                              Having same problem with Angry Birds Seasons. I was so frustrated I deleted it and repurchased. Same thing is happenning!! What a waste. A few other apps I updated did the same thing but were ok after I archived them but not Anvry Birds. How do we fix this?
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                                  My wife and I both have a Nook Color. Both running latest firmware. A couple months ago my wife's Nook started having the issue described - can't download apps.....starts to install then goes right back to download again. We called B&N Nook support and after over two hours on the phone we were told to take the unit into our local B&N store and have them look at it. We tried every solution described on all the posts in this string. After over an hour at the local B&N store, the clerk gave my wife a 'refurbished' Nook Color even though hers was well out of warranty. Excellent customer service. That took care of the issue. Now, MY Nook is doing the same thing! I can download books just fine, but apps, whether free or paid, just keep looping back to the Download prompt. I'm hesitant to take mine in even after trying all the suggested fixes because unknown to my wife she's getting a Nook Tablet for Christmas (and so am I). I'm surprised that with all the same issues described in this link someone at B&N isn't looking at this issue. It seems to be fairly widespread. Anyone have any inside scoop?
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                                      Here are some details on the issue, why it happens, and how to fix it.


                                      Please Note: This is to the best of my knowledge.



                                      What is the Issue?


                                      Nook Color had just 1 GB of space allocated to content bought from B&N. This includes books, magazines, apps, everything.


                                      That means that if you download 100 books that take up 300 MB of space, one travel book that takes 50 MB, and then download some fancy new game that takes 200 MB =


                                      You suddenly have 550 MB space used up and only 450 GB left.


                                      Continue this trend and combine it with the fact that some game companies have outrageously huge games (100 Mb, 500 MB, etc.) and you can soon run out of space.



                                      What is the permanent fix?


                                      Go to a B&N store and have them re-partition your Nook Color so that space for content bought from B&N is much larger.


                                      This would, however, require redownloading everything you've bought etc. I'm not sure of data loss but I think all your data and progress would be lost too.



                                      What is the temporary fix?


                                      The temporary fix, which works very well, provided you DO ALL THE STEPS.


                                      Step 1: Identify all the Apps and Books and Magazines that you are NOT USING and that don't have data.


                                      Step 2: Archive ALL of them. Archive as much as you can.


                                      Step 3: NO ONE SEEMS TO LIKE DOING THIS but it's necessary. RESTART YOUR NOOK by holding the power button for 20 seconds.


                                      You have to do this for the Nook to update free space. Almost everyone who says 'This didn't work for me' - It's because they didn't clear up enough space or they didn't restart.



                                      Step 4: Now download what you were downloading.




                                      Why does this happen with Nook Color?


                                      Because B&N tried to give customers lots of space for their own content. It was because of a well intentioned move.


                                      Why does it happen more after the update?


                                      Two guesses


                                      1) The free space checker has some flaw and it doesn't correctly update free space after deleting items.


                                      2) The new OS takes up more space and leaves less space for bought items.

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                                          In my case, it's not a memory issue - I have almost 90% of the storage space available for both B&N and Other content.  I have done a hard reboot more times than I can count.  Each time, it gets stuck on the AVM or Woodwing app "installing".  And if by some miracle I get past that, apps that I bought over a year ago and 'updated' last night, just show the green download bar.  Clicking on them turns the bar gray for a few seconds and then just reverts back to the green download bar.  I even tried buying another app just to see if it was related to those specific app - but no, that one won't download either.  


                                          Do you have any other suggestions?

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                                          This problem has been plaguing me for much of the year; clearly it is an ongoing problem with NC's and B&N and customer service don't know how to fix it.  I've done the whole archive/reboot things, de- and re-registered several times.  Just spent 90 minutes redoing the whole process again.  Very frustrating.  I just recommended the NC to a friend, but I'm rethinking that.  Should have just gone with a tablet, not NC, I'm afraid.

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                                  I tried everything suggested in this thread except for archiving/deregistering because frankly I do not have that kind of time and don't feel I should have to take such drastic measures. Any new ideas?
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                                    Thanks. I tried youre method, but didn't help. Many of the things that seem to not want to download are apps that I purshased and downloaded LONG ago. All of a sudden, I have to download them. UGH ! I don't understand. It's both books and games/apps. Any other ideas?

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                                      i have a nook color and my nook won't download temple run brave. I have tried powering it off and it didn't work. Ididn't get it off the computer and I don't know how to update my settings or whatever you might call it please help -Rachel

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                                        this is rachel again i got it to work thanks anyway -Rachel

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                                          Wow.  I have been following this conversation because I have the same problem.  Like many others, I have tried all the suggestions, to no avail.  (And, it is NOT a full-memory issue.  I only have a few books and a few apps....lots of free space.)   Here we are at least 2 years into the problem, and B&N has not found a solution for the problem yet?

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                                            I have had this problem for a while and just went to the Barnes and Noble and asked them to repartition the device.  They popped in an SD card and ran all the updates and fixed it. 

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                                              I am a 12 yr old But I might have done it right but it is still not downloading got anymore sugustions and if you do can you please add them thank you