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    A Visit from the Goon Squad

      I was plodding through this book, pondering what made it a Pulitzer Prize winner, when I came to chapter 12--sorry, I've forgotten who this chapter, or rather short story, is about.  (Has anyone else read Goon Squad on you NOOK classic yet?) 


      Chapter 12, it turns out, is a story told as a series of charts or graphs (no prose text), which I found difficult to read on my NOOK. I skipped it--all 10-20 screens of graphs which seemed to be one page of the total page count of the novel. 


      If you've read this--either on NOOK or in DTB--did I miss anything worthwhile?  Should I strain my eyes on this chapter of graphs?



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          I haven't read this book yet.  However, from everything I've heard about it, it doesn't seem like it would work well in either an ebook or audiobook format.

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               The graphs were basically used to convey Sasha's daughter's thoughts about their family life.  They also gave some insight into Lincoln's (Sasha's autistic son) obsession with breaks in pieces of music.  The chapter was made up of graphical representations and flow charts describing the  daughter's routine interactions, for example taking a walk with her dad in the desert. The strained relationship between Lincoln and his father was shown by how uncomfortable he was around his son and how he did not understand him at all.  However, the chapters ends with a series of graphs which explain the correlations between length of pauses in music to various other things and it is made evident to the reader that the father helped his son to make the graphs.