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    Installation issue with EZ PDF reader

      crossposted to the technical forum as well - hope someone can help me.


      I have searched the board and just can't find the answer to my question - I apologize if I've overlooked it. 


      I got my NC and bought the EZ PDF reader app through the BN App Store, and the icon appeared on my Nook (I am loading it to the NC direct, not a card).  When I clicked it, it was a 4 page document in English and ?Korean? and it was a Google docs "survey" asking me to answer some questions before downloading the app. I got to the place where it asked what OS and I have to say I don't know what OS is on the NC.  I tried every one of the options and after downloading, none would open. 


      What am I doing wrong?


      I have archived the app and will sync tonight when I get home to my WIFI so that its off my machine.  What should I do next?


      Also... I got the N2A card so I am assuming that if I want to use the EZ PDF reader on the Android side, I would have to buy that and install on that system, right?   (yes, I am not sure which way I want to use the PDF reader, though I suspect the Android side will be the easier of the two)


      thank you in advance for any help I can get with the installation of this silly little app.  :smileyhappy: