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      • Re: How do I move pictures from my PC to my nook color, and an app from my online library?  Thanks

        This is where I got my info...Nookcolor User Guide, Table of Contents, Page 41, Transferring Files from Your Personal Computer:


        1) Connect your NC to computer via USB cable (make sure your NC is "awake")


        2) View the MyNOOKColor drive that appears, go into My Files


        3) Drag files from your computer folders into the appropriate folders in the MyNookColor drive, specifically into My Files then the appropriate contents folder like Videos, Photos, Music, etc.


        4) When finished, navigate back until you can see just the MyNookColor drive, then right-click (on PC) to EJECT


        5) Disconnect the USB cable and move on...


        Good luck ;0)


        As far as moving an app from your online library, you should just be able to SYNC your library on the nookcolor when you have wifi access to get the app to download.  If you don't have wifi at home, you may have to wait until you are someplace with free, public wifi.  Because the apps go into a "hidden" memory storage area on your nookcolor, I do not know that you can "file manage" the apps like you would a regular user file.  Anyone know another way to do this?