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    1.4.1 Update makes Apps "Not Supported" on Nook Color - What the Hell????

      I just did the 1.4.1 update manually.  Didn't have any problems and it went through fine within a few minutes of going to sleep.


      The Nook rebooted and got the new layout and some of the features.  Took a bit of getting used to the new Library and having the Apps in it's own section.  At first.


      At some point after the initial reboot, I went to go into my apps and only the default set are shown.  I can use any of the apps that are on the home screens.  I was confused what happened to all my apps but I finally found them.


      I clicked on the 'My Stuff' tab and then selected 'Everything Else'.  All of the apps, except for the ones are come out of the box with the nook, are being reports as "Content Not Supported on This Device"


      What the Hell!?!?!?!?!?!


      I hit the Nook button once and select Shop and then go into Apps.  I pick any of the various apps I've purchased, like Angry Birds.  I also states that "Sorry, this content is currently not supported on this NOOK.  Visit nookcolor.com/support for m..."


      I can play Angry Birds since it's on one of my three home pages.  But any of the other apps that aren't are unable.


      Has anyone else had this problem?  Any ideas/suggests on how to fix this?  Outside of doing a factory reset.  Which I'd like NOT to do, since I have some documents saved that don't appear to be on my SD card.