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    Error downloading my own book

      I just published my first book for Nook. I have others to follow that are currently on Amazon.  Due to the threads discussing B&N not documenting sales, I thought I'd purchase my own book to make sure everything checks out.

      When I went to my Nook App on my Iphone to download it, it stops and gives me this error message:


      "Could not download this product. Internal error: Internal error during license generation"


      anyone ever here of this?  Is it an App probem, B&N problem, or my own error perhaps not filling out the submission form correctly.


      I've never had a problem with Amazon. This is new to me over here and at a loss where to start to fix it.  I'd hate to think that a customer purchasing my book receiving this error.



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          Well, uninstalled my Nook App and reinstalled. Still no go. Did a google search on error message and I see it's a problem that has happened before on Nook and it may right itself at some point.


          I've never used Nook before so it was disheartening to attempt to download my first book on Nook (my own book no less) and see this error message.  I thought it was personal error on my part during publishing but it seems to be a B&N issue.


          Nevermind...I will wait and see what happens.


          BTW--B&N did register my sale within 10 minutes, so that's a good thing.