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    B&N or Smashwords

      I have 4 books on Barnes and Noble. Three of them say 'via Smashwords.'  The 4th one does not. Do you have any idea why? I have all books on Smashwords as well.

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          If you use SmashWords, they publish at B&N for you. No offense, but how can you not know this? Isn't that why you used SW?

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            I opt out of B&N and Kindle on Smashwords like the previous poster says, because I am already on these sites.  Then Smashwords distributes your work to 4 or 5 other places in addition to their own site.  I love having my work all over the place and I don't care if people know I am a self publisher.  If you are good at what you do, people will find you.  My theory is the more exposure you have = more sales.  

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              Yes, you do need to unclick B&N on your Smashwords account - you are double dipping; selling through two places hence the two versions.

              Smashwords is an excellent opportunity to sell your work at many retailers, you are on the right track.

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                Thanks, I had the same problem. Just for anyone else--you go to Dashboard / Channel Manager / and then scroll to the bottom to choose or opt out of various retailers.