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    NOOK HD/UltraViolet errors

      After bumpy start, got the HD and loved watching occasional movies on it. Big problem developed in which I was getting a message that a movie purchase wouldn't process so try again. So I did. And did again. After giving up with no movie bought I was charged for the movie each time I tried to unsuccessfuly purchase it. This happened with 3 different movies for a total of 9 charges. After a 2 hour phone call with customer service, it was decided the only thing to do was unmount the sd card so I wouldn't lose the material on the card and to deregister the device and start over as if it were new. That brought the unsuccessfully purchased movies into the library but now a previously purchased movie I had watched before this ever happened with no trouble, now gives me the following message when I try to watch it: This UltraViolet video is not currently supported. Please go to www.uvvu.com to view services that offer playback." I don't understand this. I bought the movie through the Nook shop. Have streamed it with no difficulty and now suddenly I can't watch it on the device it was purchased for. It shows at UV as a Nook purchase. Why can't I watch it on my Nook HD? Other movies I had purchased in the past are viewable. UltraViolet never responded to my problem. I'm afraid to even try to buy another movie at this point.

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          You can download the Flixster app and watch the movie through that.


          I'm not sure why the movie isn't working now.

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              This is an ongoing issue. I have 300 movies viewable on Ultraviolet, of which 100 some were purchased through B&N. Others were either purchased through VUDU, or obtained with UV certificates from DVD's or converted with the VUDU or Flixster digital to UV apps. 


              I also have the VUDU and Flixster apps on my HD, because, even through all three accounts are linked to my Ultraviolet account, from none of the three can I access all of my movies.  NEVER try to repurchase a video from B&N when you receive the message you received, at least until you check your account online to see if the item shows as processing. Generally, if you receive that message, the video has been purchased. However, when ths happens, the movie will not load into your nook library, but can be accessed through your VUDU (within 5-10 minutes) and Flixster accounts (sometimes up to a day later). I've had 3 movies I purchased through B&N not show up in my Nook Library, but show up on the other two accounts (Silver Linings Playbook, Argo and  Hearts in Atlantis). of course you can only watch them in HD format when this happens.


              MOST B&N purchased movies also show up in your VUDU and Flixster accounts, but not all.  I think 3 showing up in my library are missing from both accounts.


              In addition, on my Flixster account, 15 of the movies I converted to UV via the VUDU digital to UV computer application show as not yet being playable on Flixster.


              Finally, many of the movies purchased through B&N show up twice in my UV  account, with the second copy of each showing as being added on a different date. The UV system is still in its infancy, and appears to need a lot of work.


              My hubby also has his HD + linked to the same UV account, and his nook library shows most of the movies I purchased from B&N, plus many of those I converted via VUDU, but not all. NONE of the movies converted via VUDU and Flixster show up in my Nook library. GO figure!


              Moral of this story? Download both Flixster and VUDU. Between the 3 apps, you're  99.99% sure to be able to view your purchased movies through one of the apps.



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                  Thanks LaurieB.



                  Moral of this story? Download both Flixster and VUDU. Between the 3 apps, you're  99.99% sure to be able to view your purchased movies through one of the apps.



                  That's a nice way to put it. I didn't know the VUDU app was available in the store.

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                I have now downloaded the Flixster app and am able to watch the movie through that. Thank you both!