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    UNsutiable for children-NOOK eReader

      I am a mom of four children and recently allowed my oldest daughter to purchase a NOOK with money that she saved from her birthday.  She turned 9 years old.  She purchased the simple touch NOOK in January after her birthday.  I did not want her to have access to the internet and did not want her to use it for gaming, etc so we were very happy with this compromise.  She is an avid reader and this was great for her to carry around to school, games, and car trips.  We were so pleased that my son just last week decided that this is what he wanted for his birthday present as well.  He turned 8.  

      We purchased to NOOK for him and I downloaded the NOOK books that we had bought for my daughter onto his and thought we were ready to go.  When I checked the home page to make sure he was set to bring it to school the next day to read, I was completely flabbergasted at the “WHAT TO READ next” advertisement at the bottom of the page.  It was, and still is currently, COMPLETELY inappropriate for children of any age, much less an 8 and 9 year old.  With titles such as “Lover at Last” and “Resisting Her,” including full straddling of a couple all but completely naked,  I was, and still am, completely shocked that this is what your company deems appropriate for children.  

      I called NOOK support and was told that there was nothing they could do to take it off, that it was indeed an advertisement.  She then agreed with me that is was in fact inappropriate for children.  I went to our local book store and returned my son’s NOOK as we had just purchased it.  I called customer service and after much haggling and speaking to the representative’s supervisor and him speaking to his supervisor, got the five books I had purchased refunded as well.  I am satisfied with the customer service that I have received overall, but I would like to know what you will do for my daughter’s NOOK refund.  It was her birthday money and I think your company owes it back to her.  

       I have sadly lost trust in your company to monitor the content that is sent out to the eREADERS and am very ashamed of you all for this.  I do understand that there are much more expensive versions that have more parental controls, but this was money my child had saved to go towards this purchase.  Just because, along with the vast majority of the population, the simple touch NOOK was the only one in her budget that I would allow her to buy, does not give the company the right to disregard any moral and ethical obligations to their customers.  This world has too many sad and tragic things happening, to expose your younger clientele to images and books that are R rated is a sad commentary on how your company is trying to situate itself in our world.  I have attached the image at the bottom of my children’s screen.  If this was on TV, a DVD, or a video game it would have a rating, whereas you all just put it out there through your advertising apparently without a second thought.

      So I would like you to please give it a second thought.


      Amanda Mendieta

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          I understand your concern but feel your expectations are unreasonable. This is not a product originally designed and marketed for children. The HD is the product designed which emphasizes families and children, it has user profiles. To expect every product to be child proof is unreasonable. The parent is responsible for determining product appropriateness, absent any representation by the seller that a product is child proof or child friendly.
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            It does say under what to read next, based on your past purchases.  So are you using one account for everyone?  Is someone purchasing adult books?   Perhaps you could have used this as a time to discuss what is appropriate for him to read and what is not.  But I can't see how they would have gotten there if someone hadn't purchased something using the account.

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              I am confused as to why the OP believes B&N would know that the owners of the nooks are children.

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                I actually want to give kudos to BN for attempting to lock down their devices though user/child accounts are not really fully implemented in Android (sub accounts are new to the android platform, hence why there are some teething pains) (See the Nook HD and HD+ for what im referring to).... That said... I think you were complaining about the Nook ST or STG, which will only show that sort of stuff usually if you purchased something of that category.... or show the flavor of the month which usually consists of romance novels.. So whats the big deal? Its not X rated... so theres a few shirtless covers... nothing they wouldnt see if they went to a normal library.. Im presuming youve locked purchasing to require a password.. Whats left.. Really have a hangup with people relying on software and censoring their childrens lives..Why cant parents take some responsibility and explain to children why perhaps some content is not for them instead of pushing the goverment and corporations into censorship and doing their parenting for them, becoming more of a nanny state.... And this whole no internet thing.. teach them to avoid stuff.. Your going to end up with a popup ad someday that ISNT THEIR FAULT and it becomes a non issue.. 


                Really interesting you ranting about this in a forum dedicated to books.. books have been banned burned and censored over the years... and its bookstores and libraries that still fight for this everyday

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                  I've had my Nook Color for going on two years. I have never purchased - or gotten free - any erotica title, yet they still come up in the suggested reading list constantly. Since my kids don't use the shop section of the NC it's not a big deal. Of larger concern to me is the porn material that continually pops up when searching the Nook Comics selections. First, it was a bunch of (barely) censored covers that show up when you select "browse all graphic novels." OK, so I was looking at "graphic novels" and those are "graphic." I figured I 'd just search for specific comics from then on. However, now when I search "Superman" there's super hero porn that shows up with a completely uncensored cover. If I went to a physical store, this material would be either covered or in its own section, why is it mixed in with the regular material in the online store?
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                    bugeek wrote:

                    [...] That said... I think you were complaining about the Nook ST or STG, which will only show that sort of stuff usually if you purchased something of that category.... or show the flavor of the month which usually consists of romance novels.. So whats the big deal? Its not X rated... so theres a few shirtless covers... nothing they wouldnt see if they went to a normal library..


                    I personally would just like to filter out crap I don't want to see. It's annoying to worry about what B&N puts up. 


                    You don't have to search very far with B&N to start coming across gems like this, but I'd just as soon not have the face of random political pundits showing up. I don't remember the exact combination of $0.00 + keyword that I searched on, but I got a lot like this in the results.


                    [...] Really have a hangup with people relying on software and censoring their childrens lives..Why cant parents take some responsibility and explain to children why perhaps some content is not for them instead of pushing the goverment and corporations into censorship and doing their parenting for them, becoming more of a nanny state....


                    While personally, I subscribed more-or-less to your theory in raising my sons, please realize nobody asked you for parenting advice. Put it this way: Would B&N put that same image in a television ad? If not, why not? Then apply the same logic to a parent and stop preaching.

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                      They need to just create a separate bookstore for adult porn addicts--and let the rest of us live in a world of books that have a minimal idea of beauty and happiness.

                      The number one educational goal of the nation is literacy. And e-mediums is the primary way literary material will deliver. So to deliver readers into the market without some semblance of responsibility towards children is ludicrous. Actually, the product lines they include is irresponsible in and of itself.

                      It is not possible to look down to the end of the block and not see a household that is somehow being sabotaged by porn. This obviously is not the responsibility of B and N. But EVERY actor does have responsibilty for their contribution.

                      My child was sucked in by nothing more than a late night chatline advertisement on broadcast television. And now I have to shut down all this middle schooler's access at a time she ought to be free to explore the world of information and technology. Now I can't even let her use her plain old nook reader because she will spend her time searching for nude men.............

                      It is not just, "Ha,ha,ha,...." Minds and hormones at this age are profoundly impressionable. She can be gently nourished-----but I have no time for the "responsible adults" who refuse to see innocent children or act with any sense of moral foundation.

                      For that matter--B and N brick and mortar stores are not safe for children either. But at least they have sections and would be too embarrased to plaster the trash they sell online across the front of their stores. You know--the Adult Books that say, "This book has no words. 40 pictures."  The height of literary stupidity delivered by your porn dealer.

                      Disgusted Father

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                        Beautifulhappy doesn't say how old his child is?  Chat line commercials are restricted to late night. This is the crux of the issue.  Was your child up late watching unsupervised?  If so then the child is old enough to have the social, psychological, moral issues with pornography discussss, with emphasis on your values, as I did with my daughters. Insisting your values be the only ones reflected leads to loss of important freedoms.  We see this in fundamentalist Islamic regimes, incidentally. most of which treat women horribly.  You are responsible for protecting your child not BN.  If your child has web access then you already know you have to take action, and there are tools available. 

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                          I'm going to break this to everyone. It might shake your world, but you need to hear it.




                          Your parents had sex before you were born.





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                            I really loath, as an advocate of free speech, being put in the position of defending pornographers. But, as someone said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."


                            Freedom of expression means that others will often express ideas we disagree with or find objectionable.


                            ... And then they march in with the "but think of the children. The poor, innocent children!"


                            While I do not doubt many raise this issue with only the best of intentions, others have used that argument for grossly unjust opression and impossing of personal moral judgements.


                            Such as miscegenation laws. "We can't have mixed marriages! Think of the innocent children who will be stigmatized!"


                            Or Russia's current anti-gay "propoganda" law, which is proported, among other things, to be "protecting" children.


                            I appreciate the concerns of parents (as a parent myself) over what their child may be exposed to on the Internet. But the solution is not making every corner of the world a kid-friendly zone. The solution is knowing when your child is ready to move from the kiddie pool to the big pool, and from the shallow end to the deep end. Don't just throw them in the deep end and hope they'll swim. Teach them the tools and give them the guidance they need to make their own good decisions.


                            Will they make mistakes and screw up? Sure. That's called being a kid and growing up.


                            Does that mean being the "mean" parent and not giving them the freedom that their peers may have? Sometimes. But just because their cohorts' parents give them unmonitored access to a computer and smartphone doesn't mean you have to for your child. It may not make you a popular parent, but it will make you a wise one.

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                              An opt-out choice for various book categories would be a nice feature to add to B&N's e-ink devices. 


                              I'm rather weary of all the naked torsos, myself. 

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                                I think it's a given that BN hasn't made addressing this issue a priority.  In all fairness it probably is a minority of the sleaziest publishers, I suspect maybe largely self published intentionally mis tagging?  I have to admit this doesn't seem a large enough issue to make it worth determing. The number of posts indicate it is perhaps a not so minor irritant  for a number of us. 

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                                  The old "the other guys do it" excuse hasn't worked so well for B&N. In the spirit of fairness, I did some searches tonight at B&N, Kobo and Amazon using $0.00 to search ebooks on each web site. The searches work differently on each, so I just went through to see how far I had to go to find obviously "not romance" titles.


                                  On Kobo, I did find "The Ginormous Book of Dirty Jokes" on the 1st page with a cartoon of a guy's backside. Borderline, but let's count it.


                                  On Amazon, I do find a few obviously naughty titles in the first 4 or 5 pages, but not any zingers any worse than a magazine ad.


                                  On B&N:

                                  Oh, so wait. That must mean those others don't have the naughty stuff? No. Search for "anal" or "gangbang" on Amazon and Kobo, and you can find those titles. Plenty of 'em. (Man, are my search results skewed now!) The difference is that you have to specifically search them out.


                                  Maybe instead of trying to be clever and insinuating that this is the user's fault (again), perhaps B&N should start being a bit more responsive? The competition is obviously not having problems keeping DP for Daddy off of casual searches for free books, why can't B&N?


                                  It's great that the new devices have some of this filtering. Why server-side fixes can't be made for the NST/NSTG is beyond me, but perhaps the next generation eInk devices will include the fixes. Meanwhile, B&N's web site would trip the content filters at most organizations I work with. Surely they should fix this problem, if only not be labeled "NSFW" and blocked from access by potential customers?


                                  Again, I'd also like to keep political titles off my front page. Simple filtering criteria or search options ("would you like to see the following categories?...) is simple enough to do.



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                                    I am troubled by the use of censorship as a pejorative. This results in a basic misuse of the word.  Government censorship, especially of political speech and journalist is far different than a retailer choosing to not carry or label certain material.  Tagging adult material and errotica to allow those who wish to find it or avoid it only allows us to censor ourselves.  Making that easier is a positive goal.  I find the attempts to equate this with government  censorship puzzling.  I know that some of those posters are well educated making this misuse of the term troubling. 

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