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    Another Nook Glowlight failure  :(

      My back and forth with support so far:


      TO Support


      I'm starting to get a little concerned about the Nook GloLights I purchased for my wife and I. We love them for reading - the glo is the perfect amount of light and the e-ink screens are fantastic for reading.

      The problem is that they keep breaking. Luckily we did get the 2 year warranties, but what will happen after that is starting to concern me.


      My wife's was replaced with a brand new one withing 2 months of purchase. We figured "no big deal, every once in a while a bum one must get through - great customer service by the store too!"

      Then one month ago mine had to be replace with a refurbished unit because the light was showing through in one spot very brightly. (Barnes & Noble Return Order # xxxxxxxxxxx) Once again great customer service - the store called in, said it was a known issue and had a refurb unit sent to my house and I returned the old one in the same box.


      Here we are 30 days later, the replacement unit (serial number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) has a bright show through spot too! I don't think it is abuse on my part, the screen is totally smooth, no scratches, is always in a genuine Nook case (the easel shaped one) and always stored in a padded ereader/tablet zippered pocket on my backpack (swiss gear, nice one)

      So I am writing now to say I need this one replaced, and to ask why this keeps happening? Will I be going through this every few months. What happens when the warranty is over?

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          FROM SUPPORT:


          Dear Customer,



          Thank you for writing to us regarding your NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight. We are sorry you are experiencing problems with your NOOK® and we are eager to assist you.

          We reviewed your email, and based on the information you provided, we feel that we may need to process another warranty claim for you. Before we can get started, we need to speak with you personally to verify certain information about your device, and to make doubly sure that we understand the problem.

          We ask that you call us at 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665) and select option 2 forNOOK Support. We are available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 11PM EST, Saturdays and Sundays 9AM to 11PM EST. Customers outside of the United States may contact us at 201-559-3882.

          Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and we look forward to hearing from you.




          Customer Service Representative - Digital Support

          Barnes & Noble


          Visit our NOOK Support site for the latest updates and downloads at:


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              Thanks Ryan, but you didn't address any of my questions.


              TO SUPPORT:




              I have called in a have the replacement/RMA scheduled, Please forward this email to a manager or or authority figure,


               I have a concern for future failures with this device (see my original email below).  Browsing the internet for "Nook glowlight bleed" turns up multiple  hits for this issue, even your support people know that it is a "known issue".  We own 2 of these things, bought at full retail before the price drop.


              I asked the representative what happens if this keeps occurring - their answer was very good - we will keep replacing it.  The problem came when I asked what happens when my extended warranty expires?  Answer - I'm screwed!  Can I re-up the extended warranty - No, we don't allow that.


              This is unacceptable to me - an obvious manufacturing or materials defect that will be my problem.  I asked the representative what B&N will/can do for me after the coverage ends - the only answer right now is a discounted sales program for refurbished nooks - Isn't that great, I can buy a half priced nook that will also have the exact same defect after a short time.


              Again - this is an obvious defect with the devices, not abuse.  The first nook I sent back sat on desk in my house in a genuine Nook case when it developed the bleed through.  The second nook lived in a genuine full Nook case inside of a padded tablet pocket, never dropped or abused in any way, and it developed the same issue.

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              Don't call customer service. Go into a store and explain your situation nicely to their Nook person or MOD and they will almost certainly give you a new Glowlight on the spot.  Unfortunately there is no way to predict which Nook the glowhole will happen too. I've had my Glow for a year now and no problems whatsoever, but a small amount of people do encounter them, some more than once. I just replace them no questions asked since it seems to happen without abuse to the screen, so I feel comfortable treating it as a manufactureing defect. Nobody seems to know what really causes it, I've never gotten a straight answer. Most customers never encounter it but there are an unlucky few that do. I'm sorry you've had it happen to you.

              • Nook - Glowlight / disappointment

                I can't believe that the Nook Glowlight has been out for more than a year and B&N still has not come up with a solution for the holes that suddenly appear.  It is such a shame because I had a Nook Simple Touch which I loved and I always recommended the Nook to people I spoke to.  But that changed when Kindle came out with their Paperwhite.  I absolutely love the Kindle and think it is the best out there.  I keep checking back to see if they have fixed the Nook Glow problem because I would definitely buy it to read my large library of Nook books but even now after a year - people are still complaining about the same problem.  If people want to know the true reason Barnes and Noble is failing - look to this Nook problem and the customer service support.   It is like B&N just does not care about the product and have no interest in finding a solution.  So in letting down their customers - they are losing customers.  And it is a shame because the Nook Simple Touch was excellent.  The Glow would have been too if they had just listened to the customers and actually worked to solve the problem.

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                    It's a screen manufacturing defect and B&N doesn't manufacture the screens.


                    Nook Glowlight has these lights.


                    Kindle Paperwhite has weird lighting issues.


                    So you could run into problems with either. I've actually seen more reports of Kindle paperwhite errors than Nook Glowlight errors.


                    However, something seems to be happening because in last few days There are multiple reports. I'm not sure why there are multiple threads about this in the last week after hardly any threads for months and months.


                    Do you know if any updates came out for the Nook glowlight? Software updates? Something else?

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                        The whole issue with the Kindle PW was that it wasn't as "white" as advertised.  My PW has some of the blue and green shading and the marqee shadows at the bottom but when you lose yourself in the book you really don't notice them.   In the highest setting for the light you get a pretty good clean screen - at the lowest you get the shadows that in no way hamper your reading.  No physical holes or tears like with the Nook Glo so it is a totally different problem.  My sister and mother have bought their PW after mine and their screens are beautiful.  So Amazon has been making an effort to fix the defects.  If you look at a lot of the recent postings on the reviews for the PW most of them are all positive.  Barnes and Noble - however since day one have had complaints about the Nook Glowlight and they are still having the same complaints after all of this time - as if they haven't made any effort to fix or update.  It might be a screen manufacturing defect and they don't manufacture the screen, but it is going on their product so they should look elsewhere to find someone who will manufacture a screen without defects.  Instead of leaving the product available to buy and constantly having to replace these things when the holes appear - they should pull the product entirely and seriously work at improving the device.  Barnes and Noble are hurting themselves and as I said before it is such a shame because the Nook Simple Touch is a very nice product and I have always been a promotor for BN.   The Nook Glow should have been a nice product also.    To not try to find a solution to fixing this problem from the beginning is what is wrong.  Amazon advertised their product as being superior and when it came out it wasn't as they advertised but they worked at fixing things and they now have more happy customers than unhappy customers.  I don't think you can say that about BN and their Nook Glow.

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                            suzatm07 wrote:

                            Amazon advertised their product as being superior and when it came out it wasn't as they advertised but they worked at fixing things and they now have more happy customers than unhappy customers.  I don't think you can say that about BN and their Nook Glow.

                            You can definitely say that about both B&N and the Nook Glow.  The tear problem is resolved in the newly manufactured glows, and that's been the case for quite some time now.  The screen is not the problem, as I stated above (reading is good), and the screen maker (as I stated above) is the same maker for both the PW and the NG.  If B&N should pull the NG, then Amazon should pull the PW.  Uneven lighting in most devices is a much bigger issue because you can't turn the light off.  And as the kindle boards are still full of complainers, I'd say folks are as happy with the PW as they are with the NG.