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    FREE Days for Nook Books???

      I just finished a live chat session with Nook Press support, asking them the following question:

      Does Nook Press/B&N allow self-published books to be given away for free for a short period of time or for a select number of days for promotional purposes?


      Their answer:

      Yes, you can definitely set your book for free before you publish it. However, once you set a price, you have to take it off sale first. If you do that, all the ratings, comments, rankings and reviews for your book will be removed as well.


      SERIOUSLY????? Why even allow us to set our book for free before we publish it (whatever the heck THAT means) and then take all the rankings, comments and ratings away???


      Amazon has their KDP Select program where they force authors to publish their books EXCLUSIVELY through Amazon for 90 days in order to get 5 free days to promote their books. Many authors complain about the exclusivity.


      Wouldn't it behoove B&N/Nook Press to allows authors X-number of free days during the first 90 days of publication WITHOUT exclusivity? I'm certain that if they do this, they will win a SLEW of authors over to preferring to publish through B&N versus going to Amazon. In my opinion, it would put them in the running with Amazon as the preferred publishing platform. Self-publishing is generating a ton of sales, so B&N is missing out on all this. Personally, I think if they did this sooner, they wouldn't be filing for bankruptcy and closing down stores.


      It doesn't cost B&N anything to let us promote our books for a certain number of free days. OR they could offer 10 days free during a 180-day period if the author EXCLUSIVELY publishes through B&N. Or however many of days with a bigger incentive to go exclusive.


      I know Amazon.com patents all their processes, so there may be some things that will tie B&N's hands, but surely there is some way to work around this and give authors an incentive to publish through B&N versus Amazon, which is turning into the 800 lb. Gorilla of the publishing industry...and they're starting to get obnoxious.


      Another alternative would be to create coupons, like Smashwords does. We can promote our books on sale or for free - our choice - and unless someone has that coupon, the book is still offered at the listed price. Surely that would be to B&N's advantage versus a site-wide sale and still gives authors the freedom to promote their books.


      Instead of fighting against and complaining about what Amazon is doing, B&N should use what Amazon is demonstrating already works. B&N obviously can play nice with Amazon since my CreateSpace book, available through Amazon's Extended Distribution channels, is listed for sale through B&N!! I like it that anyone can go into B&N and order my book now. Thanks for that! Let's get the rest of the offerings for authors available by providing a venue for free promo days.


      That's my two pence...

      Arial Burnz

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          I disagree. Freebies are ruining paid sales for many, many authors. I would love to see all freebies taken away. I used to sell books at good prices. But when the freebies took over, I had -- as many authors have -- had to lower prices to compete with the freebies! The fewer free books the better for us authors who want to make a living doing what we love. Not slave for months, maybe even a couple of years, over a book to GIVE it away! I don't think so!


          Look at the forums. Book sales are way down. Why? I can think of one good reason -- thousands and thousands of free books! Who wants to buy books when they can get free ones?


          Everyone has a right to their opinion, and I am sure some will disagree with me, but I feel I speak for many, many authors on the freebies.

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              GAWD! I'm so sorry I haven't been back here to post any replies! I guess I didn't have my settings right and was never notified of follow-up comments. I just figured no one was responding and I haven't been back to check in a long time. My apologies.


              I can totally understand your point, Elaine - and those who have agreed with her. From my own experience, offering my first novel for free and having the others at the $3.99 price range has actually boosted my sales. Since I have a series, people try the first book and then buy the others. I've received an overwhelming response.


              Since I originally posted this message, I've distributed my book through Smashwords and made it "perma-free" there, so now both Amazon and B&N have reflected that pricing and Book 1 is free in both online retailers. Since I've done that, the sales of my other books have quadrupled. I'm not rich yet, but I went from a monthly income that could barely fill my gas tank to paying some utility bills! It's worked out very well.


              I'm not sure where it says books sales have gone down. I've been reading articles that say the contrary. Amazon has been boasting it's selling more e-books than print and Smashwords is continually reporting an increase in ebook sales. And they're both reporting SALES, not just downloads.


              Mike Coker gave a presentation at a conference I attended recently and he said every bestselling author has at least one of their titles for free. It gets our books into the hands of readers and provides extra exposure. You're right, Elaine, everyone is most definitely entitled to their own opinion, so I don't mean to be knocking yours. I'm just sharing mine. :smileywink:


              Thanks for all the helpful responses. And I wish everyone great luck in their book sales.


              By the way, if any of you publish paranormal books, let me know! I'm starting a virtual book tour company in partnership with ILoveVampireNovels.com and we have over 141,000 likes on our Facebook page and 31,000 subscribers that we'll be advertising our book tours to. Everytime I've advertised with ILVN, I've sold a lot of books. SOLD, not just my free downloads. So these subscribers are definitely hungry for paranormal fiction!!


              Thanks again!!


              Arial :smileywink:

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              I have to agree with Elaine. There are too many free books out there. If you want to give your books away for free, then gift them. I do, however, like the idea of BN exclusive coupons and I have mentioned that to Pubit in the past, but they don't seem to like that idea as they've never responded. Maybe with all these changes going on, maybe we will get some sort of coupn generator.




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                Here's my suggestion--


                1) Go to Pubit (you still should be able to log in).


                2) Once you're taken to the My Titles page, click on the "Actions" menu for that one title, and choose "Edit."


                3) Change the price to $0.00


                4) At the bottom of of the page, click on the "I confirm that..." box.


                5) Click on "Save & Publish."


                Within two or three hours, that book's sale page should change to reflect the $0.00 price.


                6) When you want to end the giveaway, repeat the process and change the price back.


                DANGER, WILL ROBINSON -- When B&N's price on a book drops to zero, Amazon will drop their own price on that book to zero dollars as well. I don't know if Amazon will pay a royalty to a publisher if the selling price is less that the publisher's royalty.