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    My Nook Color won't turn on.

      Last night I charged my Nook Color and this morning the charger was green. I took it off of th charger and tried to turn it on but it wouldn't respond. I left it alone all day then this afternoon at about 5:30p I put it on the wall charger and it registered orange on the charger. Now it's green again at 11:47pm.


      I have tried the 20-30 second power/home hold but nothing happened. I tried it plugged in and unplugged but still nothing.


      Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction? And please, I would really like feedback from someone with accurate information not guesses or obvious "take it to the store" responses. I just really miss my Nook and don't want to waste my time reading irrelevant discussions or information.


      Again, I have tried the rebooting sequence.


      Thanks in advance.