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    Your App Manager:  Developer please respond...

      Bought and downloaded "Your App Manager".  It is simple and straight forward, however...how do we know which running apps we can kill?  Other than not being sure of what apps we can kill, it looks like it works well.  I used it to stop a couple of my bought and paid for apps.  But wondering if some of the running apps are not supposed to be stopped and what will happen if we try to stop something that shouldn't be...will we get a message saying it cannot be stopped?

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          Here's what the developers told me in their email response:


          "Hi Scott,

          Great to hear from you and thanks for the appreciation of our app!
          Here are our answers:
          Is there any danger of a customer killing or deleting an app that needs to run? I'm sure it could be fixed with a factory reset if needed but I'd like to avoid doing that or at least heading it off with a little education.
          No they can not delete any NOOK critical apps only apps they have installed.

          When you uninstall an app using Your App Manager, I assume it Archives the app and does not delete it from the account. Am I correct?
          When you uninstall an app it only removes it from your NOOK and not from your locker where it is always archived.
          We could really use your help!  If you could do us a favor we would love to know what other tools/apps people are asking for so that we can make more cool tools/apps!


          Support Team
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            Maybe it's just me, but I really think the app clearly labels and identifies each process. Many of the system items are named with obvious terms and have a "android" icon. All the apps that are running have an icon, name, and memory amount. Pretty straight forward. Almost as easy as a windows task manager.


            Also...I believe the battery drain problem is usually related to applications running wifi in the background. Users should check the settings of their applications instead of worrying about 10-80kb of RAM being used....most apps use about 25kb....I honestly can't imagine a nook dying in sleep mode due to this. I may be wrong (some of you are probably more educated on power specifics).


            I bought this app and love it, but it really isn't worth constanly stressing over memory usage. Especially when apps randomly access memory even when we haven't opened them. I'm truly convinced the power drain is from wi-fi settings inside of installed applications.



            All feedback is welcome. These are just my speculations.