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    NC LendMe - hiding visibility

      Can someone please tell me how to hide a specific LendMe book from my list of available books? I know that it's possible, but online Customer Support insists there is no option. 


      1) I've done it before (although it's been awhile).


      2) The documentation states that it's possible (although the instructions don't work).


      3) The first tech that I spoke to even said that you can either hide your entire LendMe library or a specific book from visibility. Unfortunately we were disconnected before he was able to finish explaining.


      Specifics -- I have book X (a guidebook) that I purchased & am currently reading. Person A has asked to read it when I'm done. Person B is also visiting the same location and (based on past experience) will have her feelings hurt that I didn't offer the book to her first.


      Thanks for any help that you can provide.