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    A Word on Negative Reviews -- from a review blogger

      I am reposting this link from a review blogger because a PubIt author went ballistic over one of this negative reviews. (He had major problems with the grammatical errors.) He was forced to post this about negative reviews:



      I hope more authors read this. I want bloggers and readers in general to read and review self-published ebooks because they can help me find great books I might have missed. However, if enough authors act like the author he was attacked by, well, the reviewers are going to say "I give up. This is not worth it."


      I have no association to this blogger, only having read about the review and the subsequent post today. I simply found it interesting.

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          The blogger has some good points and mentions those things that are important to me as a reader. I also agree with one of the comments about "I just couldn't get into it..." reviews. I skip over those and others like that. Thanks for posting.

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            Great post. Thanks for the link.



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              I don't know how this stuff blows up into such a big deal. Every artist knows — or at least should know — that some people will like a work and some won't. Some of the most powerful art is the most polarizing, where some people absolutely love it and others absolutely hate it.


              Another thing that every artist knows, or should know, is that the artist doesn't get to say what other people think of the work. You might produce the work with some particular expectation, but once it's exposed to the public you'll find out that the public sees something different. Nobody's "right" and nobody's "wrong".


              And finally, "Teh Intarwebs" is notorious for its cesspit of trolls and haters, and you shouldn't be surprised if some of them show up and try to stir up trouble.


              In short, you can't take reviews personally.


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                My review of the blog is: "Thumbs Down". Predictable, doesn't contain any insights I'd consider new -- a blogger should tell me stuff I don't know.


                As for Pub-It!, I just really, really wish I could filter it out. If you want to be a writer and you are new, there is a very big chance you need an editor. As a reader, life's too short for experiments.