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    eBook pricing.

      Hello everyone! I've been writing and posting some chapters of my novel mostly in the writing room (that's why my signature is a copyright) and I'm thinking of publishing my novel through pubit. I'm still in the process of finding an agent, but if I ever give up on that, then I will be publishing through pubit. I just have a few questions.


      How much does the average eBook sell for?


      When can you bump up the price?


      What is the average income of eBooks per month? (Not that it matters; I really just want to have my book read, but if there isn't a steady income, then that means it isn't in front of readers.)


      Thanks for the help!



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          I'm going to respond, even though I can't give very specific answers. :-)


          I'm not sure what the average price is, but B&N encourages pricing in a particular range by the royalties they pay.

          The pricing guideline states:


          Publisher will be paid a royalty off the List Price according to the following terms:

          1. For eBooks with a List Price at or between $2.99 and $9.99
            • 65% of the List Price
          2. For eBooks with a List Price at or below $2.98 or at or greater than $10.00 (but not more than $199.99 and not less than $0.99)
            • 40% of the List Price

          Depending on the genre I think you will find the majority of ebooks from Pubit publishers to be below $10. Books printed through agencies price their books differently, and based on agency pricing models.

          It appears you can change the price on your book anytime. (Although I have not done it yet.)


          Your last question will never be answered accurately. :-)


          Specifically I'm assuming you are asking about self published Pubit books. Even then, income estimates will vary by genre, by popularity, by marketing dollar spent, and by a 100 other variables. Ask 10 Pubit authors and you will get 11 answers.


          My children's book sales compared to a romance book's success is comparing apples to oranges.


          Querying Pubit authors in your genre specifically would probably be your best bet.


          Best of luck!




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            Thanks for the info Cody. Maybe some other authors in the same genre as mine can give more accurate answers for what I should expect.


            My novel is titled The Secret, and it is a 50,000-word mystery/thriller with a sci-fi twist. This book mostly appeals to young adults, although it can probably be enjoyed by older adults as well. Here's a synopsis:


            It all started with a vision. A prediction, but it wasn’t his own. Ty could’ve sworn that he had just barely escaped the clutches of a random hole that had opened up in the street, but no one seemed to notice—except himself.

                        Even his best friend—a girl named Taylor—thought he was going insane, until it hit. Later that day, a colossal earthquake rattled their hometown of Houston, Texas, and it spanned all of the way to New York City, leaving the public terrified and confused.

                        How? Ty kept wondering, I knew that this would happen.

                        Due to the collapse of the school, classes are cancelled indefinitely. Neighborhood kids go missing, along with their parents. And one day, while hiking through the forest that cradles their suburban neighborhood, Ty and Taylor find the thing that will start the most important journey of their lives.

                        They discover a laboratory nestled in the pines, and Ty barely escapes with Taylor passed out in his arms. They later come to the realization that they have stumbled onto a top secret organization known as Actinium Industries. As Ty digs deeper into this company’s shady past, the death threats keep escalating, and he and Taylor are forced on the run. Actinium Industries will stop at nothing to eliminate Ty to confirm that a secret wont leak out—a certain secret that the world can’t handle. Ty fights to the end to protect his own fate, and the fate of his loved ones. After all, the Diamond did choose him.


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              It largely depends on your personal preferences, but I would argue the most common price point for such a book is $2.99. It is low enough it attracts impulse buys and you still make the higher royalty rate.