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    E-Book formatting issues

      Right after I bought my Nook I purchased and downloaded Francis Chan's  Forgotten God. This toward the end of May   I just started reading it the other night and there seems to be a formatting issue.  On almost every other page there is a giant number 5 in the middle of text.


      Has anyone else experienced this with this book or others?  I know the moderators read these boards, should I wait to see if they address it or call customer service?


      Forgotten God 

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          Call Customer Service -- 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665), Option 2, Digital Support.

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                I cannot stand my nook! i honestly want to throw it out the window and hope it shatters! My nook is so slow and is constantly freezing when i am trying to read, it has frozen four times and has taken 2 to 3 monthes to come out of it! I orginally got this for christmas and had to wait till april to get it so my christmas sucked, but i finally got it and everyone wanted to look at it when i went to school. But then it started to have the problems and now i wish my mom would have never bought the stupid thing, it was a waste of money! I hear about all of the updates every month and the recent one you have to download the new internet! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!!!!? I want to sell it to get money for my new HP Touch Smart Tablet Laptop but alas i cannot, because the so called fabulous NOOK stinks! I couldn't even get ten dollars out of it from all the problems i have with it! i dont want it fixed or a new one, i want a refund!