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    SD Card Problem

      I have a micro SD card that I have had in my Nook Color for a week with no problems so that I can keep music on it but now the card will not stay in the Nook. It clicks but it does not lock and stay in the device. It is fairly so I'm confused as to why I am having such problems with it. I formatted the card on my computer but it did not help and I even formatted it on the Nook by holding the card in. What should I do?

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          i'm having this problem too! i've only had the nook color for two months and have only used the SD slot in the first week. After that I just left it in and forgot about it. I haven't been using my nook for about a month because we were moving and I noticed tonight that it said the card was not in. Every time i push it in it pops right out. I'd like to know how to fix this too because after two months and a move I have no idea where my receipt could possibly be.

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            PLEASE HELP, PLEASE HELP!!!!.........I CANNOT Get the microsd card to secure/lock into the device like everyone else *(NOOK COLOR). It clicks but no locky!!!  It has worked for a month but recently took it out & now it will not lock into place.....Called B&N tech support which offered no help, told me to go to a local store and ask someone there, which I'm on the way to do but was hoping u guys could shed some light on a solution........is the slot bad???? Anyone have this problem and find a solution????? Any help provided would be greatly apprecited guys..............Thx in advance for the help..

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              I've also had this problem on my relatively new Nook Color.  You push on the SD card and the contact springs keep trying to push it back out.  I'm about to resort to duct tape.