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    Unable to Merge Pubit Account with Nook Press

      Is anyone else having trouble with the syncing process of their accounts between pubit and nook press? I keep getting this error "Sorry, your registration failed. Please check your PubIt! credentials and try again. If you forgot your password, please reset using BN.com". I know that all of my login information is correct, I have no trouble logging into pubit.


      I have tried contacting support and they keep sending back generic e-mails that do not relate to my question. I also tried the chat support and they just refer me to the e-mail support. I'm getting really frustrated because I am really afraid I am going to lose all of my work when they get rid of pubit if this is not resolved.


      I even thought maybe I could just open a nook press account and just transfer everything manually, but I cannot even do that because it says you cannot have a nook press account that has the same tax id as a pubit account. This is becoming ridiculous :smileysad: