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    NOOK in Canada

      I was told by three separate representatives that 'YES! Canadians have access to the B&E online store!' Not 100% access, but access. 


      What they all failed to tell me? The books I have access to= somewhere around 1 000 titles and no apps what so ever. This is a complete contradiction to what I was told in the store & over the phone. 


      I have never been so disappointed with a purchase before, or with customer representatives. I spent months researching which table to purchase for school. This one seemed perfect. Affordable, port for external memory, and convenient! 


      After speaking with the the customer representatives (two on the phone and one in the store), reading countless reviews online, they all assured me and I have confidence in the product.


      I hope this helps someone in Canada wishing to buy a Nook Tablet. Don't do it. It isn't worth the frustration.