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    Website app organization changing

      Hovering over NOOKbooks tab on bn.com homepage now shows a "Nook Apps" category under "Departments", this was not there before.


      This take you to this info page which was not there before. 


      Then clicking on "See All" takes you to this page which we have all refreshed a bazillion times trying to find the new apps.  This page now shows release dates!!!!!!


      newset > oldest still does not work, but apparently this is now a work in progress.


      I hate being a nerd.

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          dear nerd ( :smileyvery-happy: ) ,


          at bn.com type apps in the search box, select apps for nook, and the release date has been in that pull down list since the feature was introduced over a month ago.  and, as you state, it has NEVER worked.  the best way to find new apps is look first thing friday mornings, sort by Best Selling, View set to 100 then go to last page and the new apps aren't selling yet so they're at the bottom....that's the only way to do it until BN gets off the can. 

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            maybe I'm now having a blonde moment, but could have sworn that the release dates recently all read as 1/1/11 for every... single... app... even on release day.


            if not well then...  still some changes to the site YAY!