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    the new platform is garbage

      I can't even upload an epub, while I can upload THE SAME epub on the old platform.  Go back to the old system, this new is way to slow and is horrible.

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          I too have been "zero for two" with trying to publish with Nook Press, although I have over a dozen books successfully published via PubIt. 


          I tried to modify and upload an existing book (brought over from PubIt) in the Nook Press Editor, but it would not publish.  And I started a whole new project and uploaded an EPUB, that would not publish. I simply had to return to PubIt and get the books up on the site. 


          I have received no response from customer support and nearly a week has passed. What will happen when PubIt is gone and all we are left with is a non-functioning Nook Press?

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            I, actually, had no real problems with it. The only thing, is you cannot just make a correction in and reload it. You have to unpublish and republish through the new system. That way, you can make all the changes and adjustments you need. I do not intend to do that with all my books. However, if you want to make any corrections, you have to republish it in the new system.:smileyhappy:

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              I think they should leave the option to keep using the old style platform for all us who registered when it was the only option. Personally I sort of like some of the new interface for some things and like the old interface for others.


              On a side note, one of the interfaces I like the most is actually Kobo's. It's very easy to use and really intuitive in my opinion. It hase easy to read graphs and charts for sales and regional information as well as a pretty slick ebook uploading system. Plus you keep 70% of sales if I remember. I'm not bashing on Pubit because I love this platform however the Kobo interface is pretty freaking slick!

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                It's sad to lose some 5 star reviews when we have to republish a manuscript, but it seems to be the only way to publish a newer edition of an eBook: Take the old book off sale when the new one is in place.
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                  I went through the trouble of using their manuscript editor to format a Word document because it mucked up my perfectly good epub. Thought it looked good. Previewer looked good. Actual book up for sale: garbage html showing up on title page. This platform simply does not work. They should not have rolled it out.