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    B&N Search is Borderline Useless

      I was one of the first flight of nook recipients and am quite happy with it, but I can't say the same about the B&N site itself.  Maybe I'm overlooking some setting but when I try to search by something as fundemental to finding books as an author's name I get back multiple pages of almost matches, in fact it seems like the search is using match any word rather than match the whole string. 


      So when I searched just now for David Reynolds I got back 273 hits.  Most of which seem to be matches on David or Reynolds.  If the results were sorted by name I could live with it but that isn't an option so the author I am interested in has about 3 entries they are scattered all over the place in the results.  Another annoyance is that when I do find the author I want and click on the link for his/her name I get the same results as the original search.


      If anyone has any tips for making the search function useful, please post them here. 

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          Couldn't agree more. Here's a tip I use...when searching for an author and I get lots of results, I find the first "book" of the mentioned author and then click on the "author" link. This refines the results to just that author.


          It doesn't always work (of course) but it helps.

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            Yes, I'd say I happen to agree on this one. If you walk over to the SciFi/Fantasy section of a book store that is what you see. You search that section of ebooks and you get all sorts of things that have been wrongly placed. 


            I think in order to get ebooks seen publishers put extra tags in books that don't belong.


            Lets hope B&N spruces it up.

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              I think a lot more people are going to agree.


              When I found this thread, I was actually looking through the boards for tips on searching ebooks. If you follow either link for "ebooks under $5" or "ebooks under $10," the status bar at the top of the results panel indicates that there are a total of 62,800 titles to search. Unfortuantely, no matter which of those search options you select, you only get to view 5,000 titles. After 50 pages of 100 titles per page, the search engine shuts down and displays a message indicating that no more results match your search criteria. (Which should be BS given the status bar totals.)


              Now, I'll grant that given the overwhelming number of lame romance titles and images of porn-shaved man butt that you have to contend with on either of these "budget" title searches, most people probably given up after about a dozen pages. Nevertheless, if you're going to claim 62,800 hits, then you need to back that claim up or face a charge of false advertising. If only 5,000 of 62,000 titles are serchable, then no one can verify your numbers. The obvious deduction then is that your numbers are just so much blown smoke. And we all know where that comes from!

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                I'm a writer and a computer programmer in several langages trying to do research on my Nook books. It's one of the main reasons I bought the product. To do so I need the device to find exact matches. If I enter "get" - even with surrounding spaces - Nook disregards the spaces and finds "get", "forget", "together", "gets", "getting", etc. This may sound trivial, but is a huge deal in doing research.


                Please address this issue before seious students and general academia abandons an otherwise fine product. And let us know when you do. Please.

                Thank you,

                Sperry Hunt