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    new NC power cycles many times

      I just got my NC and got it set up just fine.  However, when I press power to turn it on, it power cycles 3-5 times before it ends up at the home screen.  Once it does get to the home screen, sometimes it works fine, and other times it powers itself off when I try to slide the n on the screen to get started.  Then a few more power cycles, and then it works eventually.


      When I press and hold power to turn it off, I never get the prompt asking me if I want to power off -- which is what I've read it should do.


      Is the unit defective, or are there some reset steps I can try before returning it?

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          If you've installed an SD card, remove it and try the full power cycle. The SD card becoming corrupted on mine caused the same symptoms. Press the power button on the side until the pop-up asking about shutting down comes and goes and the unit is fully off. The timing on the power off pop up can be critical and the unit doesn't truly shut down if it's not pressed in time or the touch screen isn't perfectly responsive. Press the power button after waiting at least 30 seconds until the unit starts. If your problem isn't solved, return it immediately. 

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              I don't have an SD card in there.  It's done this since I took it out of the box two days ago.


              I have never gotten the pop-up about powering off.  This morning it just kept rebooting for 20 min, and I couldn't make it stop -- it wouldn't even turn off... just kept rebooting.  I held down power, n, and volume up for 15 sec, and it flashed yellow and restored to factory defaults.


              It went into the same power reboot repition again.  This time, I was able to get it to power off (but still no pop-up confirming power off).  And when I turned it on, it came on correctly.  I'll see if it turns on okay tonight.  If not, it's going to have to go back.