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    Nook color/ wi fi connection

      Hello. I am new to the whole Nook world and would love some help! :smileyhappy: I got a Nook for Christmas and really enjoy it. My son just received a Nook Color for his birthday and I assumed it would work like my Nook. I DO NOT have wi-fi at home. I am not able to register his Nook Color because it says I need a WI Fi connection. So my question is this...do I need wifi in order for him to read books from this Nook Color?


      I also have a question regarding my Nook...any simple ways to download books from B&N online to my Nook? If I push the download button on my Nook it takes forever to load. Am also wondering how to get my E WIsh List to show up on My Nook...all the books are listed online but are not showing up anymore on my Nook.


      Sorry for all the questions. Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks so much!