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    Pre-order book won't open

      I bought a book as a pre-order.  The day has come and gone for the book to be released.  The book is still showing up as pre-order my NC, but when I go to my library it says download.  How do I get it to download on my NC?

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          Have you tapped the book in your library?  That should download it.

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            I've had that happen before and resolved it by sending the book to the Home screen, then tapping on it to download. Remove it from Home after download to get it back in Library. Quirky? Yes.
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              I spoke with someone at CS and he was no help.  He told me to de-register, reboot, etc.  I told him forget it, should I undo the update too?  I tried archiving it, then returning it to my library (immediately) and that didn't work.  Decided to call CS again to see it I could have them refund the money and then I would re-buy the book.  A very helpful CS (Gerry) said to try archiving it again only wait awhile then return it my library, if that didn't work, they would refund me, and I would reorder the book.  I archived it and waited about 3 hours.  Once returned to my library it opened when tapped on.  Thank you Gerry! :smileyhappy: