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    Rooted Nook Color - Can't get 1.4.3 or Gmail... help

      Rooted Nook Color

      Reset (1.1.0)


      Can't upload 1.4.3 update

      • Placed 1.4.3 from BN @ top level but when USB properly disconnected it disappears from there!
      • Did I not read a while back that 1.4.3 won't install on a rooted Nook Color???


      Q1> How can I update my rooted NC 1.1 to 1.4.3?  (I do NOT need root anymore)


      Q2> When I try to register the Gmail app, it always fails as it seems to try to use a cell connection... which doesn't exist on the NC. The same happens when I try to log into Market (to update it). My Wi-Fi is running just fine. Any suggestions on how to get these apps to use Wi-Fi???