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    Data Logger App?

      Any chance someone can whip up a "data logger" for the NC. It would basically read any data coming in on the USB port and save it to a file. The requirements are pretty simple:

      • File name:
        • Have a default file name where the data would be stored
        • User could set the file name for the current session
        • User could set the file name for use each time it runs
        • (nice but not necessary) Be able to set a "series" file name. Each execution would append a number to the file name. So if the "base" name was "mydata", then you'd get files "mydata1", "mydata2", etc.
      • Be able to start and stop logging
      • Tolerate a failure when file space fills up by terminating gracefully; closing the file without corrupting everything
      • Save whatever came in with absolutely no translation (or possibly some sort of user configurable translation)
      • Work with "older" devices. In other words read data produced from another device's serial port and read with a serial-to-USB cable into the NC USB port.
      • Be able to Start the Logger and then read another book on the NC while the Logger continued. Then return to the Logger and terminate the logging.