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    How can I get a "look inside" for my books?

      The books that have gone to Barnes & Noble via Smashwords all have a sample feature. The books I uploaded directly do not. How do I get that feature too?


      It's useless to email PubIt, I know. :smileysad:


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          Sometimes it takes awhile for things like that to get added.  I believe it should happen automatically eventually, though.  Did you just upload the books recently, or are these books that have been available for awhile?  


          For what it's worth, all of my books have a "Look Inside" and I didn't do anything special to get it.

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            One has been up since December 2011. Some since February. A number from April-May. And so on. Not a single one has the "look inside" functioning.

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              This explanition by TS may also be why none of my eBooks for sale in UK have the function yet.  Hope so.



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                I'd try emailing them, I guess.  All of my books have it from what I can tell(just checked a bunch, but newer ones and older ones all worked), so no idea.


                Do you have DRM enabled?  That's the only thing I can think of that might be possibly different, since I always disable it myself, but that's the only real change I do for my books that might be different than what you do.

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                  LOL. "Try emailing them." OK, I'll do that for about six months, I guess, like my other technical issues.


                  Nope, DRM not enabled.


                  Actually, today I kind of got fed up. I mean, I've been having these glitches since JULY. So I called customer service and begged and begged till they finally gave me a phone # that actually went to PubIt. Well, sort of. It's for sorting out account issues like tax ID#s. They said they wouldn't be able to help me direclty, but they could "expedite" my requests to the actual PubIt people, whom they swore had no telephones and no email addresses. I imagine them locked in dark cages, or something, poking at their computer keyboards through the bars with a stick.


                  And I did get an answer, to one of my previous emails. Here it is, in its entirety:



                  These issues are being addressed by the appropriate departments.

                  We're sorry, but we cannot provide any other information.

                  Thank you again for your patience.

                  Best wishes,
                  The PubIt! Team

                  Original Message Follows:
                  1) How can we get a sample "look inside" feature for our titles? None of
                  our books have this; but other ebooks do.

                  2) Many of our reviews are still not tallying correctly. This problem
                  has been ongoing since July or earlier.

                  3) We still need the name, title, and email/phone number of a direct
                  publisher liaison. We have been asking for this for several months too.


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