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    Let's Tell B&N To Get a New Tech Support Service (HQ Address and Phone #)

      Many of us are not getting help from tech support. I've been waiting months on some tickets. Their tech support is outsourced and the company might not even know what's going on. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'd like to sell on B and N, but I don't know if that's happening. Let's make a commitment to call and write them. 


      Corporate HQ phone number: (800) 962-6177


      CEO: William J. Lynch Jr. 


      Address: 122 5th Ave #2, New York, NY 10011


      I'm sick of not having my books on Barnes and Noble. If you're sick of no tech support or completely nonsensical answers coming from tech support, let's do this. Call and write a letter. I cussed them out at least three times via email. Doesn't help any because B&N never gets those memos. Who's with me?


      Some companies that hire here in the USA actually save money by paying USA wages and getting workers who know how to help people in English speaking countries. Barnes and Noble should at least try that out.  


      By the way, I've been trying to respond to my other threads after other people respond, but this site doesn't let me. There's something wrong with this help board, too. 

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          Why do you make the assumption that top management does not know what is happening? With the nimber of complaints over time, they must know. Keep on complaining if you want, and eventually you may find your account closed. What will you do then? Business is business and BandN is losing money. I expect it is desperate.


          By the way, Amazon.com also outsources Customer Service to the Philippines. And it is also losing money. I expect it is also desperate. The KDP Forum has few complaint Posts now, the complainers have pretty much all been booted out.


          I have written a Commentary that suggests a solution to the present difficulties for all concerned. It's titled "What the Ebook Industry Needs Is..." and it's availanble on Philduke.weebly.com. It is in the Public Domain, you can blog it.


          These are dark days indeed for most ebook authors, but the present situation cannot last, it will have to change. My Commentary suggests a way out, and my guess is, something like it will happen. Otherewise the entire ebook publishing and marketing business industry will go belly-up.


          Below are a few of the 24 illustrations from my latest ebook publication, "Principles of Flight." It has sold exactly zero copies, as Reported by Amazon.com and BandN.com.


          260px-Hindenburg_burning.jpgimages goodyear blimp.jpgSpitfire.jpg


          images ultralight FW.jpgGossamer A..jpg160px-Apollo_11_Launch2.jpg

          The above images are, from left to right and top to bottom:


          The Hindenburg disaster, Goodyear blimp, WW2 Spitfire, an Ultralight, the man- powered Gossamer Albatross in flight, and the Apollo 11 Moon Mission launch.


          Good luck to all Indie authors. And their publishers.