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    Typing on tiny keys

      The Nook obviously has very small typing keys and it's very easy to hit the wrong key. Any tips for typing more accurately? Someone suggested a stylus, but I don't think the Nook works without heat from fingers.

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          Have you tryed typing in landscape instead of regular view? That helps some. Also I believe some people say the targus stylus works very well with their Nook Color. I have never heard of the body heat thing. Also just for future reference this is something you would probably want to post on the Nook Color general discussion board instead of the apps board. It will be more likely to get more and better answers there. Happy Nooking!
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              What I was hung up on at first with touch screens is figuring out where my finger was actually making contact with the screen.


              When you point to something with the tip of your finger but what usually makes first contact is the pad of your fingertip which is quite a bit lower.


              Try thinking about tapping slightly above where you ar aiming for and see if that helps.


              Also,you certainly can use a stylus as long as it says it works on CAPACITIVE touch screens.  Several folks have posted success with these although there seems to be problems with swiping, but point and touch works like a charm.

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              I was all set to go buy a stylus, my hands are not small, I have a lot of trouble getting on a pair regular sized work gloves.  But the more I played with NC, typed, browsed, I eventually got so I made fewer mistakes and hit even very tiny links on web pages with out zooming in.  In other words practice is the best solution.

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                Actually, what you want is known as a "Capacitive stylus"--the one I use (fat fingers don't work so well on tiny keys) is a Griffin brand one I got from my friendly neighborhood Verizon sales rep (in actual fact, my daughter, lol). In any case, it works like gangbusters on my nook AND my iPhone. I'm pretty sure you can get them at electronics stores (like Radio Shack) and stores which sell computers and other things you'd need one for.