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        I would SOOOOOOOO love to see the apps for PHASE 10 and SPITE & MALICE (card games) and LOSE IT' (a free diet app found on both Apple AND Android devices).  If those are in the upcoming list, PLEASE let me kow. Thanks a bunch. Love the Nook!!

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          I agree. I would love to sample a game before spending the $$ on new games I haven't experienced first. I use my iPod (touch) everyday and sample the game before buying.

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            Music ap with treble/bass adjustments
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              With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, I would LOVE an app to help me organize and track multiple gift-shopping lists.  It would be great if each individual list could track the amount spent per person (as purchased gifts are checked off amount spent could be entered) and also if each of those totals would feed into the total spent collectively (to help stay within budget).


              I used to have an app on my Palm pilot called Handy Shopper that worked great for this.  I'd love to have something like that on my NC.

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                I'd like to see these games:


                4way chess - with 4 player options

                3d chess - 3 chess layers with 2 player options

                hanafuda - a japanese card game called 'eighty-eight' or 'hachi hachi' - with multiplayer options(I would really like to see this game) http://www.hanafubuki.org/hachihachi.html

                cribbage - with 2 and 4 player options

                spades - with 4 player options

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                  A very comprehensive French language dictionary and a Netflix app for Nook. 

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                    Autodesk sketchbook mobile / sketchbook pro! Please add this, and I will probably not root my nook... This is the one thing that has me considering an iPad for next purchase...
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                      I know this is not a game suggestion but here is the app i would like,  I would like to be able to get notifications on my nook when my favorite authors have a new book coming out.

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                        hey i  would like some apps for word seek puzzles or word search

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                          As far as games go a little rpg would be nice ^_^ Otherwise it would be cool to have a files app that would let me move things around between folders and between the nc and the sd card instead of having to connect to the laptop to do that. I dunno if that could be done with an app, but it would sure be convenient.
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                            Oh! Also a "music machine" kinda thing. You know, a bunch of instruments likw piano, guitar, drums to make songs, perhaps a simple sequencer. There used to be this game called Rockstar like that on the Amiga years ago.
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                              Enough with the kids books, wallpapers and educational games for kids.  Can we please have some educational games for adults?  How about more games for adults period.  Maybe something like Trivial Pursuit, Plants vs Zombies, some kind of Sim game (especially animals), a decent slots game (like Reel Deal, with several slots with bonus games and platform games (like Harry Potter).  Get an improved version of Geobee(print is too tiny for me to play the current version).  Itunes would be great (I don't see why Apple would have a problem with it, they still get the money when you buy anything and most people who want itunes on the NC already own an Apple product (ipod, ipad,etc.).  Some more apps for educational chinnels would be nice.  I love the Smithsonian app (although more full videos would be appreciated) and would love to have an app for the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and National Geographic Channel.

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                                Ryan, I absolutely love the Quell games. Thank you so much for bringing them to the Nook!


                                As far as what I'd like to see....I'd love a game in the same vein as 7th Guest or Return to Ravenhearst. That is, a game where you explore a spooky old house, slowly unlocking doors, and having to solve puzzles to advance the story and get into the next room(s). Grisly Manor was somewhat like this, but didn't have the hard-core puzzles to solve, like the 8 queens on the chessboard in 7th Guest. What might be really fun for Nook users would be the inclusion of a lot more language-based puzzles, instead of all visual-type puzzles. Things like the fiendishly difficult cryptogram that was in 7th guest, or riddles.

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                                  I'm always hopeful when I check what's new on the app list- well, if I see one more kid's game, one more story for 3yr olders (I know, it's a great tool for toddlers, and that's all well and good ...) How about more for adults like the Smithsonian one, that's great fun?! Try a night sky map, stars, planets and the like (it could update itself for the current day and region).


                                  And of course the whole app listing process, and finding of apps needs a huge redo; going through one thousand five hundred and ninety three apps (and the list does grow) every time you want to see if there's anything newly interesting added is demoralizing (read that as dispiriting) and off-putting. I know on the NC you can check new releases, but even that's tedious when it really might be nice to do a real search. But no app search when you're on the NC.


                                  Does this fall on deaf ears? However- I'm always optimistic.

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                                    When I was looking at the bn.com website, I noticed a lot of changes to the way apps are displayed. Also, if the NOOK Color update is going to make the store look more like it does on the NOOK Tablet, it will help with app discovery too. 

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