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    They Say with Age comes Wisdom



      one would think as time goes on B&N would start getting a handle on this app thing.  yeah, yeah, people are complaining about all the kiddie apps but beyond that you'd think by now they'd be able to present new apps to the store AS NEW; the app count wouldn't be 194 one day, 208 two days later, back to 194 for a day, and back to 208 the next day (geez); and today there are new apps (count is 222), BUT (and much to my chagrin), the apps have no image displayed (geez again), they display with the dreaded "gray book" jacket.  so, if we download one of these apps are we going to get the nifty app image or the ugly "we can't get it right" image?  i will never say i love my nook but i like this device and i wish B&N would mature a little more quickly with their support of it.