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    Nook 1-800 Customer Support Sucks..!!


      Like some of you who have gone round and round with Nook support.. see the subject heading.


      I was getting my vehicle serviced at the dealership so I took my ST with me.  My service advisor saw my Nook and asked me about it.  I usually keep my Wi-Fi off to conserve battery, but in this case I turned it on to show the service advisor how I was able to download books from B&N.  Unfortunately something came up and I had to set my ST down, but I forgot to turn the Wi-Fi off.


      By the time I got back to my Nook it had downloaded the newest update from my original v-1.0.0.  When I tried to operate it the screen had locked up with the following, ie: 4 rows of "n" at the top.. a "Welcome to your all-new Nook".. and then a couple of sentences underneath that.  The bottom right corner had the word "Next" within a darkened area.


      I took my ST to my local Barnes & Noble and had it checked over by their "Nook Man" who handled all of their Nook complaints and problems.  He was also the main person in the store who put on the Nook training sessions for the public.  After a hour of trying everything he could think of he came to the conclusion that the automated update must have been a corrupted file.. thus the frozen non-responsive screen.  I was given the following Customer Support phone number (1-800-843-2665) and told they would give me the needed information for a free replacement.


      Oh, by the way.  Have I mentioned that Nook Customer Support Sucks..!!..?


      Anyhow.. I'm trying to talk to this 1-800 Customer Support person who (by the way), has a accent so bad that I'm only able to understand about one word in five or six.  I start off telling him about my B&N Customer Service store interaction.. but it seems like it's to no avail.


      (Have I mentioned that Nook Customer Support Sucks..!!..?  Oh, I have.  OK.)


      He now starts reading off his canned printed response.  Press "Next" on the screen.


      It's like.. "Ahhh, buddy.  Were you on coffee break when I mentioned the screen is locked up?"


      He then comes back with.. "Press the button on the back for about 5 seconds and when the 'Turn off your Nook' screen comes up, press the 'Power Off'".


      You know, I've got to be missing something here.  I thought I just told him I've had it into the B&N store and it was determined to be a locked up malfunctioning screen due to a automatic downloaded file that was corrupted.


      If I haven't mentioned it already.. "Nook 1-800 Customer Support Sucks!!"


      After about a hour on the phone with this idiot he tells me he's going to send me details (via my e-maill address), on how to go about sending in my Nook ST for a free replacement.  Finally, right..!!..?  Nah.. it ain't that simple.


      It's been.. I don't know how many days now, but I still haven't received that "how to get a new Nook ST replacement for your broken one" e-mail.


      Somewhere along the line I'm thinking...


      Nook 1-800 Customer Support Sucks..!!



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          Have to tried to charge the Nook?

          Usually these kind of problems are caused by the Nook battery being empty because of the update process.

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              At the time of my B&N store interaction with their authorized Nook expert, the battery reading was 85% plus.  As I stated in my above post, their store employee determined that the problem was a dead/non-responsive screen due to a corrupted automatic version upgrade.



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                  Based on numerous posts here and on my experience at my local B&N, the NOOK guy at your store should simply have handed you a replacement. If I were you, I'd go back to him and ask him to do just that.


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                      +1 on going back to the store.  You could also PM Alex - maybe he could help to get your exchange expedited.

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                          I had the same experience, Nookster.


                          CS was totally worthless, but I was handed a brand new NST by the Nook Lady in the store.


                          If the stores ever go away, we're screwed.

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                              But what do you do when it's a problem that only online customer support can help with?  Let me tell you about my experience tonight.  I preordered a book which should be available now.  It won't download to my NST or any of my reading apps.  I went to the my Nook library on the website and noticed that the ISBN has changed between the preorder and the release.  No wonder my book won't download.  I called customer support and told her that the book download link was bad because the pre-order ISBN number is no longer valid.  I gave her the various error messages that I get from the website, my Nook, the apps, etc. So she asks what color the bezel is around my Nook and walks me through powering off my Nook, archiving and unarchiving the book even though I've told her that I already did this before I figured out what was wrong. Of course this doesn't work since the download link is still bad.  All I wanted her to do was credit back the sale so I could rebuy the book. It's obvious that I haven't received the books, since the order still shows that it is undelivered. Then promptly at 10pm when I'm no farther than I was before I called support, she hangs up on me and I can't dial back in and get help from someone else because the support lines are now closed.  I wish I'd written down her name.  Grrrr!


                              I have also had wonderful customer service in the store.  I had a problem with my NST screen locking up a few weeks after I bought it.  They checked it out and exchanged it in-store for a new NST which works great.

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                      I'm with you they say their name is Richard or Jeff but their are not.