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    Best practices for image scaling using Nook Press editor

      I am starting this thread to discuss image resolutions for use with the nook editor, and epub in general. I couldn't find a similar thread anywhere on these boards, but please point me to it if I mistaken.


      I found these screen sizes for the various nook models in the documentation:
      Nook: 600 x 800 pixels (B&W - eInk)       
      Nook Simple Touch/Glow: 600 x 800 pixels (B&W - eInk)       
      Nook Color: 600 x 1024 pixels (Color – RGB)       
      Nook Tablet: 600 x 1024 pixels (Color – RGB)       
      Nook HD: 900 x 1440 pixels (Color – RGB)       
      Nook HD+: 1280 x 1920 pixels (Color – RGB)    


      And I believe the standard resolution for Smartphones (using the app) is 240x320.


      Various other device resolutions and "web safe areas" can be found here:



      Since nook books might be read on any device, this creates quite a challenge! It is hard to figure out how readers will see your images, even if you have sideloaded your file on several devices.




      If you are coding ebooks from scratch you can use CSS to keep image widths (but not heights) in check




      But that is highly technical and I'm looking to avoid doing that unless absolutely needed.


      It does appear that the nook apps do scale images down when they do not fit on a screen, but I still find images sometimes get cut off on certain devices.


      Does anyone have any tips on what image sizes work best overall, or know how the nook app scales images up and down?


      For example, does anyone know how a 600x1024 image would appear on a Nook HD (I don't have one to test on :smileywink:)