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    Fishbowl (Image Viewer) for NOOKcolor

      In a previous discussion someone brought up Fishbowl, and a few others agreed, as a good image viewer.  So I emailed the Development Team | Little Fat Fish to see if a NC version is in the works.

      Here is the answer I received today:


      "Hi Chuck,

      Thanks for writing and we appreciate your support.  We have others wrote in about the same and are still working on that.  We recently found that the Nook Color has a bit less feature than a normal Android device.  In particular, the media scanner to add photos is missing from the device, which will impact some functionality of our app.  We are trying to figure out what's the best way to handle that.  We may need to cut a separate build of the app with less features to address that specifically which will likely add to time & cost if we were to do that.  Check back in a month and I should have more update on this."
      The email address is :  app-support@littlefatfish.com if you would like to encourage them.
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          Thank you for sharing. I think we all need to send an email.

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            I am not familiar with Fishbowl, but I just wanted to second the suggestion that if you ever find a problem with a program, contact the developer. They actually do love to hear from people who use their software/apps and like constructive feedback on how to make their product better. I've received great responses every time I have contacted a developer directly.


            I am an internet developer and a true geek at heart. I know how much fellow nerds LOVE a challenge too - so make any suggestions you can think of to them for future developments as well.

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              The beta looks nice on my NC.  I probably should have stopped and read the first page of instructions but instead just started playing. 


              However, it SWILLS battery.  I went from 40% charge to "not enough juice to power on" in about 5 minutes.  I'm actually not 100% that that's accurate on the consumption - I was not noticing a low battery warning before i tried a reboot.  Of course, if it's not accurate it's even more of an, um, interesting artifact, that it can set a low battery flag at boot time! 


              If you have photos on your /media directory -- copied to "My Nook Color" from your computer - it can see them. 


              It doesn't seem to think there are an images on my sdcard.  That's a little odd, but it may also be that it'll be happier once I can get the device up. 


              Ruh roh.  A hard power button press and I've gone from "you can't boot up" to "go ahead, make my day, boot."  But I'm boot looping off the internal OS and now CM 7 is reporting not enough battery as well. 


              So I'm thinking swills battery is accurate, or worse still a very low-level firmware flag got set. 

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                Hm.  the device started to spontaneously boot, and boot loop, when connected to power. 


                I stuffed in the CM7 card because the internal system can't finish starting.  The battery is at 19% now, so I'd say yes, this little app can indeed suck battery like the proverbial chrome off a trailer hitch. 


                Now to go in via sshd and see about extracting that file. 

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                  It is now September of 2011 - has anyone sideloaded this program to a Nook Color?  Does it work, how did you get the application from the Android Market to the Nook Color?

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                    I received and e-mail from the development team yesterday.  Seems that Fishbowl will be available as a paid App on the B&N App Store soon. 


                    "Thank you for your support.  Our release of Fishbowl App on the Nook Color 1.2+ is just around the corner, barring any last minute surprises.  We've decided to make it a paid app and will included a few "extras" that are not available in the free Android market version.  Nook Color users will get to use them first."
                    After reviewing the capabilities of this program as listed on their web site, I am very interested in buying and using this App.  It is about time! 

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                      Photo Gallery (Fish bowl) is available on the B&N App Store.  It is an excellent App.

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                        I've been waiting for an app like this since I bought the Nook Color.  Fish Bowl has made my NC twice as useful. The NC display is great and my friends are blown away when I show them my photos.


                        It takes a bit of time to learn how to use all the features but it's worth it. I highly recommend Fish Bowl Photo Gallery.



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                          Fishbowl 0.3.2 np is avilable at the B&N App Store  02/01/2012  This is a free upgrade for current users.