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    I can't get into shop!

      When I hit the shop icon the Sorry, No Results Found message pops up and my NC is telling me that I am connected to WiFi! Does anyone have any ideas? It also won't let me download my magazines either! Please help!



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          I've been having the same problem since 5 days ago.. i  cant download apps or buy a book.. i went to the store but it wasnt working.... they dont know whats the problem...:smileysad:

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            I can get into the shop but i can't make search ....i have this problem since 2 weeks ago.
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              Good morning, Chrissy,


              I go to SHOP and get that msg too.  Then I go back to the home page by hitting the big n.  Then I go to SHOP again and it works the 2nd time.    



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                For the new users, make sure your NC is registered.  Go to settings and Device Info.  If you have an account set up it will show the email address and will show Erase and Deregister.  If you aren't properly registered, it will show Register. If that is all correct, try doing a hard reboot--hold the power button until the power off message comes up.


                If you can't order books, go to your online account via your browser/computer and make sure your credit card information is correct.  See if you can order from the online store.  When you click on the shop button, you should see a shop with pages with suggested books on it and a search area.


                If none of the suggested fixes--mine or the other posters--work, call customer service as there is a problem.

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                  I'm having that problem too and have spent way too much time trying to get it to work. Attention Barnes and Noble: fix this problem!!