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    Nook Apps

      Hi. I'm having trouble with downloading apps onto my Nook.

      Every time I try to purchase an app, it says something like "Unable to purchase, please try again later--"

      Can someone help?

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          the first thing to try is to turn your NOOKcolor completely off.  Do this when on by holding down the power button for 5 seconds, until the screen gets blurry, and it asks if you want to "turn your device completely off".  Tap "power off".


          Once it's off, turn it back on by holding the power button until the screen comes back on.  Then go and see if you're still having the same problem purchasing apps.  Let us know.  (There are other things you can try, but they get more complicated.)


          Also, if you have a B&N Store near you, you could just take it in to them, and let them figure out the problem for you.  :smileywink:


          - Mark


           (I'm assuming you have a good wifi connection, othewise the Shop wouldn't let you get that far.)

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              Thanks but I've already tried doing that and I've had the problem since Thursday. My dad did say that we could go check it out at a Barnes and Noble store but I wanted to see if anyone could help me on here.


              And connection is good for me so that's not really the problem.


              Once again, thanks :smileyhappy: