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    Adding Apps...message says no room to install??

      Dear Nookcolor Friends.... I Have been loving the new features since the recent upgrade, as have my 3 Kids! We all are interested in different things,so collectively,we have purchased many apps. I bought an sd card so that I would have plenty of space to store everything.....however even though it shows that I have plenty of storage available on both the device and now 4gb of sd card,I keep getting a message telling me to archive apps in order to install new ones that I have purchased! Why is there only limited space for apps?Why can't all my storage space be utilized for apps? I really only have purchased about 20 total and I have had to archive half of them in order to be able to install new ones.Please help with any information regarding app storage and installation....I would like to have all my apps available to use without needing to continually get them out of thr archives.....is such possible?What is my new sd card for then? Thanks everyone for any help you can offer! With much appreciation, Kimanda Rhythm