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    email problems....

      I just moved from the original Nook to a Nook color and am having problems setting up my email address.  My brother [a techie] has set up a family email through Gmail.  It works fine on my Thunderbird email software, but I can't get it to work on Nook.  Can anyone offer any suggestions???  

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          These are the settings I have for my Gmail account in the NC Mail App:


          Gmail: (needs whole username, before AND after the @

          This only works for me as an IMAP, not as pop3




          IMAP server: imap.gmail.com

          Security tupe: SSL

          Port: 993

          IMAP path prefix: Optional




          SMTP: smtp.gmail.com

          Security: SSL

          Port: 465

          Require sign-in: checked


          Hope that helps!

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            We have been having the same problems with our Tablets as well.been going on for over two weeks now, guess we will have to goto the store and see about getting ours replaced as well.