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        I'm reading Call Sign: Wrecking Crew by by David McKoy and Lynn Hallbrooks right now.


        If you're into military, adventure, political intrigue type books, I'd recommend it. It's entertaining. It reminds me of the Dick Marcinko "Rogue Warrior" books or the Mack Bolan "Executioner" series. If that's your type of thing, you might want to check it out.


        I'm probably 1/3 of the way through it.


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          I'm not actually reading it. It is being read to me as a book on CD!

          Four to Score (Stephanie Plum Series #4)  


          I am absolutely loving everything about this series!

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            Front Porch Prophet 


            Just Finished this tonight. It turned out to be a very good read. I was glad I grabbed it as a Free Friday book.

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              The Girls of Murder City 


              From Publishers Weekly


              This jaunty retrospective of two Jazz Age trials introduces us to the real-life originals of the killer ladies of the musical Chicago—and to the society that adored them. Journalist Perry (The Sixteenth Minute: Life in the Aftermath of Fame) revisits the 1924 cases of Belva Gaertner, a swanky divorcée, and Beulah Annan, a beautiful married woman, both accused of shooting their lovers to death. They were the most photogenic on Cook County jail's Murderess' Row of defendants in a spate of woman-on-man killings that inflamed the press and captivated a public grown bored with gangland murders. (Perry's third heroine is skeptical female reporter Maurine Watkins, who bemoaned the inability of all-male Chicago juries to convict killers with pretty faces.) The author gives an entertaining, wised-up rundown of the cases and the surrounding media hoopla, which the defendants and their lawyers cannily manipulated. (Annan hired a fashion consultant for court appearances and falsely declared herself pregnant to win sympathy.) Beneath the sensationalism, Perry finds anxieties about changing sex roles as feisty flappers and aggressive career women barged into public consciousness; his savvy, flamboyant social history illuminates a dawning age of celebrity culture. Photos. (Aug. 9)  Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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                Turn of Mind  


                Alice LaPlante’s Turn of Mind is a spellbinding novel about the disintegration of a strong woman’s mind and the unhinging of her family. Dr. Jennifer White, recently widowed and a newly retired orthopedic surgeon, is entering the beginning stages of dementia — where the impossibility of recognizing reality can be both a blessing and a curse.

                   As the story opens, Jennifer’s life-long friend and neighbor, Amanda, has been killed, and four fingers surgically removed. Dr. White is the prime suspect in the murder and she herself doesn’t know if she did it or not. Narrated in her voice, fractured and eloquent, a picture emerges of the surprisingly intimate, complex alliance between this pair — two proud, forceful women who were at times each other’s most formidable adversaries.

                   The women’s thirty-year friendship deeply entangled their families, and as the narrative unfolds we see that things were not always as they seemed. Jennifer’s deceased husband, James, is clearly not the scion he was thought to be. Her two grown children — Mark, a lawyer, and Fiona, a professor, who now have power over their mother’s medical and financial decisions respectively — have agendas of their own. And Magdalena, her brusque live-in caretaker, has a past she hides. As the investigation intensifies, a chilling question persists: is Dr. Jennifer White’s shattered memory preventing her from revealing the truth or helping her to hide it?

                   Told through the voice of a woman with a powerful intellect that is maddeningly slipping away, Turn of Mind is not only a suspenseful psychological thriller that pulses with intensity but also a brilliant portrayal of the fragility of consciousness and memory, and of a mind finally turning on itself.

                   “Turn of Mind is bursting with humanity, in full array. Impossible to put down and yet a book not only to be savored, but returned to. A glorious achievement.” —Jeffrey Lent

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                  Hey Hi Im new here and just wanted to tell you have you read vampire diaries or house of night cuz if you twilight you'll worship them anyway best of luck with your book

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                    Just finished the latest Jim Butcher story at 2am this morning :smileywink:


                    Ghost Story (Dresden Files Series #13)  













                    A great read for fans of Harry Dresden and in my opinion well worth paying the full price to get it on release day.


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                      Cash Burn  


                      Product Description



                      Billions of dollars flow through Jason Dunn's banking office each year. When he suffers a series of career setbacks and his marriage begins to crumble, he and his attractive new assistant devise a plan to disappear with a slice of the bank's cash flow. The unwelcome appearance of his brother on the scene, just released from prison, threatens to sidetrack Jason's plans. But Jason's brother "Flip" has his own problems with a parole officer who isn't fooled by this dangerous parolee. In the race to the jackpot between Jason and Flip, and the unwinding of their troubled history, the question soon becomes, Who will get burned?

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                        I've not yet finished this book but unless the author just blows the ending I will be recommending this book for years to come.  Just a great book about friendship.


                        Firefly Lane  

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                          Total Eclipse (Weather Warden Series #9)   This is the last book of the series, I think, although maybe Caine will surprise us. Anyway, I adored this series and this book wrapped everything up in a fabulous page-turning tale (should I call that button pushing on my nook?)


                          Wait. Maybe there is still a left over question about immortality - hmm. Anyway, I loved this book.

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                            The Hunted 









                            Just starting this one tonight!

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                              We All Fall Down (Michael Kelly Series #4)  




                              Book Description
                              Publication Date: July 12, 2011
                              Chicago cop turned private investigator Michael Kelly is racing to save his city from a deadly new foe: a biological weapon unleashed underground.

                              When a lightbulb falls in a subway tunnel, it releases a pathogen that could kill millions. While the mayor postures, people begin to die, especially on the city’s grim West Side. Hospitals become morgues. L trains are converted into rolling hearses. Finally, the government acts, sealing off entire sections of the city—but are they keeping people out or in? Meanwhile, Michael Kelly’s hunt for the people who poisoned his city takes him into the tangled underworld of Chicago’s West Side gangs and the even more frightening world of black biology—an elite discipline emerging from the nation’s premier labs, where scientists play God and will stop at nothing to preserve their secrecy.

                              It’s a brave new world . . . and the most audacious page-turner yet from an emerging modern master.
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                                The Honk and Holler Opening Soon  


                                From the author of "Where the Heart is" another winner.

                                Small town people, lost and sad people all finding their place at the Honk and Holler dinner.  

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