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    Got a preowned NT with weird screen

      My last NT was restarting and freezing itself almost every day so I went into store and got another one under warranty no prob this weekend. I started setting it all up yesterday and noticed dots, it looks like a grid, across the whole screen. They don't seem to be interfering and very faint but I never saw it on my old NT and want to make sure that's not a sign something bad is going to happen. The screen feels gritty but it's because there are a few scratches on it (which is very irritating) but I don't want to put a screen protector on it till I know it's not going to die on me! Anyone else ever see the dots or get a screen scratched? What did you do? I'm going on vacation and don't want my NOOK to die on me (can you tell I'm attached :smileywink:!!