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        I have a NC too and am really tired of this. I sat here tonight reading the replies from people, and I have got to say geez! I'm not a moron.  I know how to charge something but, I have had nothing but issues with the charging of this thing.... The cable doesn't go into the housing on the nook itself tightly, And when it does go in it doesn't fit right. I am on my 3rd cable for my nook color.

        AND I know how to charge something. We should not have to deal with this.

        This should be a non-issue... B&N should be just telling the reps to send out the cable only (that is what seems to be breaking) sounds like no-one needs the wall plug just the cable. That is just good customer relations.  That's how you get people to come back even after they have had 1 or 2 problems with a product.  What B&N is doing is blaming and charging us.

        I gotta say....

        NOTHING else that I charge has ever had a problem like this.  NOTHING!  

        The cable should plug in to the NC and then the wall charger and then charge.  EVERY single time. And not take 7 hours for a full 100% charge.  Having to contort the cable or the nook itself so that it will charge is ridiculous and B&N should be on this board trying to help...

        No wonder why B&N is having financial problems... They have driven away their customers by ignoring them or taking advantage of them.


        Sorry for the rant...



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          It's understandable. Peopel who have cable problems are frustated and it's understandable.


          I still don't know whether it's cables are broken or whether some Nooks have the charging slot messed up.


          Have you taken it into a store to have someone take a look?

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            I need to replace my usb cable for the 3rd time in 3 years, and am not sure I'm going to bother.  I hate to lose the device which has worked fairly well for 3 years, except fot the brain dead cable design, but I hate to spend another $25.  If I had known about this hidden cost of ownership, and B&N's lack of concern for the problem I would have bought a different e-reader 3 years ago.  However, that's water under the bridge as they say. 


            At this point I'm leaning towards offering my NC to a friend or relative who wouldn't mind buying a charger.  Of course I'd be sure to tell them about the design flaw, but if the e-reader is free they might not mind buying a new cable every year for a few years.


            I've already bought a new tablet.  It's actually more of an Android based MP3 player with wireless connectivity.  It's small enough to fit in my shirt pocket and has access to the Amazon app store.  I installed the Pandora and iHeart radio apps to listen to streaming radio at work.  It also has e-mail and a web browser.


            One of the first things I noticed about the new tablet was how easy it is to connect to wireless networks.  The NC had problems connecting to my wireless network from day 1.  It still has problems, but eventually it connects.  With the new device all I had to do was select my network, enter my password, and bang it connected.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Come to think of it though, every other wireless device in my home has worked seamlessly with my network.  It's just the NC that has trouble.


            So far the one weak spot of the new device is the warranty.   It's pretty bad, but after dealing with B&N my expectations for customer service are pretty low.


            I bought tablets for my grand daughters this past Christmas and never even considered B&N. 


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              i have a regular nook color. when i plug it in it says "not Charging" But Before When it was completly dead I plugged it in and it turned on. but now is doesnt work with any charger i use. HELP !

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                If the battery has completely gone (in a short condition) it may be taking so much of the charger current that the main board never sees a voltage high enough to activate.

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                  If you have a regular micro USB (for Android smartphones, etc.) try charging it with that. It will take longer, but if it starts charging, it means that it's your cord that is defected and you can buy a new one Here for $2.50. It is perfectly okay using a micro sd from a phone to charge the Nook, because it's essentially the same, but the Android only uses 4 instead of 12 slots (the Nook uses a longer charger to charge faster). So try that; if it doesn't work, then you need to consult the customer support and find out what's wrong. Maybeyou charged the Nook and had a power failure or surge???


                  Best Regards,


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                    My nook color does the same thing, it will only charge when its turned off and it wont charge while your using it. You can also buy a new charger but make sure not to buy one off amazon. Barnes and Nobles are the only company that sells the right kind.

                    • 22. My Nook ORIGINAL won't charge

                      I got my Nook about 1-2 years ago. It's the Original but it's great and hasn't had any problems. This year I took it on my school's Washington D.C. Trip. My bus 'partner' had a Kindle whose charger fit my Nook exactly. I decided to use it because my charger was in the compartment above me. Her charger worked fine with no further problems.

                      When I returned home I tried to charge my Nook with my personal charger. It said to wait 15 minutes. 3 HOURS later it was still 'charging'. Don't know what to do. We called "customer service" but it happened to be a person from INDIA. They didn't help at all. What should I do?

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                        My Nook problem is even weirder. Like so many of you, I can't get mine to charge while it is turned on. But I don't mind turning it off and waiting a few hours to charge it. The problem is, when I have it plugged in I can't get it to STAY OFF!. I push the side button, and when the screen asks me if I want to turn it off, I click the correct box and in a moment or two the screen goes black. So of course, I'm sure it is off. But after a while I look at it, and it is on, and sometimes it's even lost some battery power.


                        Has anyone out there run into this problem? How have you solved it?

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                          I have the same problem.  My new cord will not charge either.

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