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      my mom and dad played this fanatically but it was beneath them to teach a newbie (me, and i kind of exaggerate that) but anyway, i bought this game to learn and i'm convinced it cheats.


      i am not talking strategy, strictly the cards it gets.  i've picked up the game pretty fast and i always ask for hints and i know how to score BUT IT ALWAYS gets the good cards.  i'm not just whining, it's true.  i've been playing it since it came out, i've gotten 2 Nobs, "it" GETS THEM EVERYTIME it has a jack.  i would venture to say "its" average hand is at least 8 and often 15, mine much less.  "it" seemingly always has at least two 15's and a small straight (don't forget the Nob!).  again, i'm not talking strategy, just counting of the hands.


      i emailed the developer and they came back the first time contending the deal was random.  after i pleaded further, the same guy came back and said others had reported it too and they will look into it.  when i worked in the tech support area, we will look into it meant "yeah, right".


      aside from this just being a frustrated rant,  is anyone else experiencing this?  there are quite a few reviews of the app so it seems to be a good seller so is anyone seeing this?  i play on easy and it's humiliating the damn thing has to start miscounting so i can catch up some!


      i'd appreciate any feed back or any "calm downs" you might have... :smileyvery-happy:

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          I was able to win at the beginning level.  I switched to intermediate and have found that the deck is stacked against me.  I may have won one game at the intermediate level.  It is rare that the computer score is less than 12 not counting the crib.

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              thank you...finally someone responded (and you just signed up today!).  i'm convinced it cheats.  there is no mass accumulation of points during the card play.  2 for the rare pair, 2 for a 15 here and there, rarely a straight, 2 for 31 and 1 for last.  strategy during this phase is maybe on the side of the computer but playing your cards does not amount to that many points.  the most points come from the points in your hand (and the crib) and "he" always (damn it, always!) has good cards, far too often for it to be random.  anyway, i'm to frustrated to play it so we'll see if they "fix it" next update.

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              It's not just you.  I recently D/L'd the app too and began playing.  I've been playing Crib for 40+ years so I went right to the difficult level.  About 2 weeks into it i noticed ALOT 4,5,6'sand 6,7,8',9s showing on the nook's hand and some pretty "convenient" crib cars turned up when it had them.


              About 3 days ago I started to keep track of EVRY hand played noting the hand count and crib count for both players.  I'm about 20 games into it and when I reach 100 I'm going to average out the counts and see where it's really at.