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    Nook rooted, Android Compatible, etc. etc, all too confusing

      Hi all:


      We just got our Nook Color and have upgraded to the 1.2 system.  I have read all the threads on rooted Nooks that have Android features, Android apps., etc.  but no one fully explains how to root the Nook, what it adds or loses, if you do root it, can we still download Nook eBooks from B&N, does rooting void our warranty, etc?


      Are there any written instructions on how a beginner can root the Nook, is there any software that will do it for us (I read something about an Android autorooter app but I can't locate it).  It is obvious, that we need a lot of help, it is also obvious that the manual that is on the B&N website and our Nook is useless in adding this feature.


      Can anyone out there explain innormal language that a beginner can understand?


      Thanks, in advance for any information.

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          I thought long and hard about answering this.  What's "normal language" for "copy this image file to a micro SD card of at least 2G capacity"?  Especially when the answer depends on what OS you're running on your PC?


          You see, rooting a NC isn't something I'd want to try to explain to somebody who didn't have a good mental model of what's going on inside, even something as well-designed as the NC.  I'm a lifelong Unix/FreeBSD/Linux kernel hacker (but new to Android), and it took me several weeks to figure out the terminology (some terms are new, some terms have changed meaning since I learned them), and people are horribly imprecise in what they say.


          You might want to start with the Nook Color Portal. They're much less hard-core than the folks doing the cutting-edge work on the NC (xda, cyanogen). It's very easy to get lost in the tech jargon.


          Part of the problem is that you have lots of mutually-exclusive choices (rooted stock, NookieFroyo, CM7, HC) (SD, emmc, both), and most of the people who speak up are invested in their choice and think that their choice is right for lots of other people.


          Personally, I'm running CM7 off an SD card with the menu u-boot, with stock B&N 2.1 on the emmc. Now that the Nook Android app supports magazines, I just might install CM7 directly on emmc and run that way. When those sentences and those choices make sense, you're not confused anymore!