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    Book Covers not showing on touchscreen

      I am also having this problem...I had a nookColor that would no longer charge (I saw ALL my covers on thsi one) when I brought it into the store they gave me a new nook. NOW...my new nook does not show the covers of books that I bought with my previous nook, but it will show things I buy with this nook.  any ideas?



      ok...I just got off the phone with customer support...they said this: some books don't have covers (even though I had them on my other nookColor) AND it takes time to download the covers (I guess it takes more than 24 hours b/c that si how long it has been - needless to say I did not have this problem with my previous nookColor).






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          If Covers didn't download yet...


          Sometimes when WiFi connectivity is low Nook gets to download eBook info that lets you see the eBook in the Library, but the image cover got lost when WiFi connection abrupted. It was designed this way so whole eBook wouldn’t get lost if images that are at times a bit heavy do not get to download.

          - In this case try:

          1) Connect to your WiFi router at home. 

          2) Then launch Library and in Library press the Sync button located at the bottom left corner of the screen.


          - If that wouldn’t help, then try to reboot the device.


          - If rebooting the device would not help either, you might try to Restore your Device to Factory Settings and re-register from scratch, this way Nook Color will download your entire library from scratch again.

          These are the steps:


          1.Using the "Quick Nav" menu that rolls out of the bottom launch "Settings".

          2.In Settings select "Device Info" option.

          3.Then select "Erase & Deregister Device" option.

          4.Press on "Erase & Deregister Device" big button on the middle of the screen.

          5.This will reset your device to the state as it came in from the factory.

          7.Make sure your WiFi has a good connectivity.

          6.Then just as you did initially, when bought your device go through the onScreen process to register your NOOK Color to the same account.


          That should do it.

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            I too had the same problem, and the tech support said to unregister my nook, then reregister it...ha, it took me two days of running in, and out of town to a wifi spot just to get it to work.  She wants me to unregister it....heck no!!  I don't think they are prepared for the nook at all, and they give different answers for the same problems, so that in it self shows me they don't know what they are talking about.  Poor tech support if you ask me.:smileymad: